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Aclima 400G HotWool Long Pants


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Aclima HotWool 400g Long Pants, made from a thick terry wool blend, offer exceptional warmth in bitterly cold conditions. Vital body heat is trapped by the terry loops, ensuring warm air is kept next to the skin - keeping you comfortable and warm. Great for those that spend a lot of time outdoors, whether you are working or just enjoying being outside.

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The Aclima HotWool 400g Long Pants, part of the Aclima HotWool range, are made using cosy terry wool that has been developed to offer great comfort and warmth on the coldest days.

Terry wool is a mixture in which merino wool is the main component blended with technical fibres to make the garment thicker and more durable. It can also be machine washed at 40°C! The terry loops on the inside of Aclima HotWool help lock in vital body heat. This is what helps maintain steady body temperature and simultaneously makes you feel comfortable wearing it.

Since it is also naturally flame retardant, this quality is chosen both by the Norwegian and Swedish army.

Material: 400g Wool Blend/Ullfrotte