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From the iconic Kanken to the weird and wonderful Stubben, Fjallraven bags have become a staple on the high street and the campsite. They come in many weird and wonderful varieties meaning that no matter what it is you need, Fjallraven more than likely have a bag to suit you.

Everyday Backpacks

An everyday backpack needs to be small, lightweight and compact enough to take to work and school, yet hardwearing enough to last you through years of everyday use in all manner of conditions. 

The backpack that springs to mind first in this category is the Kanken. The Kanken has exploded into popularity in recent years and is now a firm favourite in schools, offices and high streets all over the world. Fashion aside this is a sturdy, well built backpack. If you treat it right this is a backpack that will last you from primary school right through until you enter the world of work.


If you want to go for something a little different, Fjallraven have many different options in this category. The Rucksack No. 21 and the Raven 20L are both excellent practical, durable options for tackling the wilds, and that morning commute. 

Hiking Backpacks

When picking out a hiking backpack, there are a multitude of things you need to take into consideration. Always consider your own needs. Are you really going to need the 70 litre all singing all dancing, titanium plated rucksack with the phone charger built into the straps? Probably not. The backpack game is full of gimmicks and not all of them are well thought out or necessary. 

Things to keep in mind would be, how often are you going to use it and how much gear do you generally bring with you on a hike?

If you're only going on weekend camp trips you should consider a slightly smaller backpack. The Abisko hike 35 is a lightweight and flexible backpack ideal for low weight trekking and cabin-to-cabin trips. If you're likely to be out for more than a few days at a time, or are someone who likes to be out and about as often as possible, you should consider upgrading to something like the Keb 52

The Keb 52 is a robust and hard wearing backpack, perfect for all four seasons. Designed to work in a variety of conditions, the Keb 52 features the very best of Fjallraven design. This includes the use of the new, award winning Bergshell fabric alongside heavy duty G-1000 Eco, allowing you to adapt the Keb to suit your adventure. 

Something a bit different

Fjallraven are nothing if not innovative. It's no surprise that this doesn't stop at backpacks. Fjallraven have produced some weird and wonderful backpacks for a host of scenarios and situations. The Fjallraven Stubben is a firm favourite at the Nordic Outdoor head office. This clever day pack fits a surprising amount of stuff and is as hard-wearing and well designed as you would expect from a Fjallraven product. The big diference is the metal frame, which turns the Stubben from a simple backpack a fully functioning stool! 

The frames construction makes this backpack perfect for hunting, fishing or even just places you want to take a seat and enjoy your surroundings!

Another fantastic design is the Fjallraven Splitpack. the Splitpack opens out into two seperately zippered sections and is the perfect bag for airplane travel. 



Still not sure? Take a look at our full range of Fjallraven bags here, or call in to one of our shops to see them in person.