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An Introduction to Tents

The Kåta. It was invented by the Sami, an indigenous people found in northern Sweden, Norway, and Finland among other places. Back when it was first created, thousands of years ago, the conical shape was supported by a wooden frame covered with animal hides. This inherently stable design has stood the test of time, and since 1989 Tentipi have produced Kåtas by combining this design with high quality fabrics. The solution Tentipi has come up with has resulted in a versatile tent where.

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The Perfect Jacket

As you walk into the shop you are greeted by the staff, but you brush them aside. You know why you are here. When you get further in you see it. There is a beam of light directed at it from a source you can’t detect, with an angelic choir singing in the background. A jacket that is the ultimate performer whether the sun is shining or the rain is pouring, whether it’s scorching hot or freezing cold. It’s the perfect jacket.