An Award-winning sustainable choice in leisurewear

If you regularly read our blogs (Thanks Mum!) then you’ll know that Nordic Outdoor is passionate about Merino Wool and the way this natural fabric can be adapted for a multitude of functions. One of the most exciting new uses for Merino Wool that we have seen is the new FleeceWool collection from Aclima. It’s not just us who love this new collection however, the Aclima FleeceWool hoodie and joggers won the sustainability award at the Scandinavian Outdoor Awards for Fall/Winter ’19. In celebration of the new collection from Aclima arriving at our doors we have looked at what goes into FleeceWool and why this will be one of the most exciting additions to our stock package in 2019.



Reinventing Wool

Aclima have always been known as masters of adapting wool for a variety of uses and you can see this with their range of Woolnet, Warmwool, Hotwool and Woolshell. The new FleeceWool collection looks for all intents and purposes like a classic cotton tracksuit or what we would call in Scotland ‘a pair of cottons’. Look closer however and you will find that these are constructed from 100% Merino Wool with the fabric on the inside made from a 19.5 micron yarn. After the wool is knitted it is cut and brushed which makes the fabric soft, insulating and extremely comfortable to wear.  One of the most incredible aspects of the Aclima FleeceWool is that even the drawstring cords are constructed from Merino Wool! The FleeceWool hoodie showcases that fleece doesn’t need to be made from plastic and emit microplastics into the ocean and therefore the new collection stands up to Aclima’s sustainability credentials.


Aclima Fleecewool

Sustainability Award

Since 2005 an international jury have been helping to select the best product and design innovations to come out of Scandinavia and to promote new products and brands. The international Jury select the best products based on functionality, quality, innovation, design and sustainability. Up to 30 products a year will be nominated for both the Winter and Summer season to compete for these awards and for Autumn Winter ’19 the Aclima FleeceWool collection was the winner in the sustainability category.

The Scandinavian Outdoor Award jury is composed of some of the most prestigious outdoor journalists in Europe. The products are rigorously examined and tested during outdoor activities and various test sessions to find the winner and the Aclima FleeceWool hoodie was tested in rugged outdoor conditions. Since being introduced in 2005 the Scandinavian Outdoor Awards has gained high respect and recognition in both industry and outdoor retail.

Describing it as possibly the ‘Norwegian Sweater of the 21st Century’ the Jury claimed that the new design build on classic Norwegian design and introduced a modern twist on this. In presenting the award the Jury’s stated the following;

“For couch potatoing, mountain hut fireplace dwelling, everyday hanging around during the colder season or as a warm technical midlayer on any serious outing – this is a piece that fits anywhere! The jury experienced the true functionality during the testing in rough weather. Replacing both chemical-burdened cotton pieces and microplastic-shedding synthetics, it has created a category of its own where urban casual goes serious mountaineering in a completely new way. ‘Sometimes the sustainable revolutions come hidden, silent and from unexpected places’, one jury member says.”

Aclima Fleecewool Womens

The Collection

If you’re sold on the FleeceWool collection in the same way as we were when we first saw it then I’m sure your first question is where and how much! The new Fleecewool technology is now available in all Nordic Outdoor stores and online. The FleeceWool fabric has been used on a men’s and women’s hoodie along with matching joggers. Both the men’s and the women’s hoodie includes an adjustable drawcord and kangaroo style pocket and the design is completed with Aclima branding to the chest of the hoodie, you can pick up the award winning hoodie for £159.95. The tracksuit joggers are incredibly comfortable and functional with two hand pockets, a ribbed cuff finish and the Aclima Logo to the left thigh, priced at £104.95.