Like a lot of the brands we stock, Didriksons started as a family business and was born out of the personal desire to improve on outdoor clothing. It all began in a small fishing village on the edge of Sweden’s western coast, Grundsund. Julius Didrikson was a young man who had grown up in a family of fisherman but it seemed he was destined to break the tradition and move in a slightly different direction. He dreamed of new experiences and moved to Gothenburg to work for a family who owned a large textile mill. This allowed him to experience how the textile industry worked from the inside and a passion began to boil.


Julius took his new-found knowledge and passion back to his home town and started to make clothing for the fishermen he had grown up with. This was a way for him to still be involved with the fishing industry but in his own way. When he first started, it was a side project while running a local grocery store, all run from his attic in Grundsund. The first prototype clothes he made were from discarded flour sacks, not the ideal fabric of choice, so after securing enough money, Julius approached the textile mill who he had worked for previously to establish a partnership. Julius successfully negotiated a deal where the mill would supply him with enough cloth to make more robust clothing for the fisherman of Grundsund. It was 1913 and the Didriksons clothing company was born.

On a daily basis, the fishermen were exposed to the elements and roaring sea, so Julius and his small team started to manufacture impregnated oilskin jackets for extra protection. This was a learning process and they tested various types of linseed oil on cotton until they found the most water-repellent combination. After being treated with the oil, the garments were hung up to dry for 6 months before being delivered to the fishermen for use. Word started to spread of the great quality and performance of the Didriksons garments and orders started to build.

Julius was not fully satisfied in his product at this time, as it was heavy and awkward to move around in. He wanted to find something that would be lighter and easier for the fisherman to use. In his constant research, Julius happened upon rubber in the 1930s, a new elastic and lightweight material that opened up a whole lot of new opportunities.

 Sadly, after WWII, Julius died at the early age of 69 but this was not the end of Didirksons. His wife, Hanna, and son in law, kept the business going and purchased a seam welder machine in 1947, the year they were invented. This machine breathed new life in to the industry as it ensured that all seams were watertight. With more light weight fabric and watertight seams, the garments had come a long way since the days of discarded flour sacks.

The company continued to grow and was soon employing over 300 staff and had a factory in Portugal and the garments were popular for everyday wear as well as within industries like fishing. Along with this success and technologically advancements however, it became difficult for Didriksons to remain independent. The sensible decision was for a larger group to take over and the business was sold. Sadly, the large group took over considerably and much of what was traditionally Didriksons, was pushed aside. 

All was not lost however. Sören Andreasson, a Swedish investor who believed in the Didrikson traditions and shared the passion for hard wearing function and water tight clothing, decided to buy the company. Sören worked hard to turn the company right around. He continued to develop the products so that they weren’t only waterproof but they were warm and breathable as well. The clothes appealed to new types of customers as they could protect them against the wind, cold, rain and snow. 

Now over 100 years since Julius and Hanna started brushing linseed oil over cotton, Didriksons has grown to be a household name in Scandinavia and further afield and they continue to produce excellent outdoor garments. Without compromising on comfort and functionality the brand offers something for everyone, from everyday city to wear to days out on the hills. Simply put, the products offer the chance to spend more time outdoors – no matter how you spend that time.

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