Those of you who have spent any time in our shops or read any of our previous blogs will know that we love brands that have a good story behind them. All the brands that we stock must be of the highest quality, but we definitely give bonus points to brands who do things just a little bit differently.

This can be seen throughout our store from our hand forged Swedish axes to the reindeer hides we buy specially from a Sami reindeer herder. It isn’t just in the most obvious places though. Whilst they may just look like a regular, high quality boot brand, the story behind the Kamik boots and the reason we stock them is far more complex.


The History

We have a definite soft spot for family run companies, especially when they have been perfecting their craft for more than a century. Kamik are one such company.

Beginning all the way back in 1898, the story of Kamik begins with the Cook family in Contrecœur in southwestern Quebec with the opening of their first footwear manufacturing plant. From this point forward the brand has grown and expanded but always stayed true to their heritage.

Today the company is still in the Cook family and they are still headquartered in Canada producing high quality footwear using the best materials available.

The Boots

One of the real stand out features of many of the Kamik boots that we stock is that they are made in Canada using the very best of imported and domestic materials.

The materials and design processes that go into making a pair of Kamik boots are undoubtedly one of the main draws of the brand. One of their more prominent features is their special RubberHE soles. These soles are stronger and more flexible than regular rubber soles with the added benefit of being around 50% lighter and 100% recyclable.

Waterproof boots like the Abigail are seam sealed and treated to ensure that your feet are kept dry and warm throughout the day.

Don’t be fooled by all the technical talk though, there is more to these boots than just their performance. The design of these boots plays a huge part in their popularity as well. Many of the boot designs are call backs to the early days of Kamik. Whilst the main aim is to keep your feet dry the boots also look fashionable enough to wear to the office and the campsite.



As a sustainability centric company all the brands we stock need to be committed to sustainable business practices. Researching sustainability practices for every item you buy can be a bit of a headache, so we want to do the research for you. We want you to be able to come into Nordic Outdoor and not have to worry about the sustainability of any of the brands we stock. We can confirm that Kamik are a brand fully committed to sustainable production.

They already have a number of considerable sustainability policies in place. These include;

  • Kamik Recycling Programme: At the end of your boots lifetime you can return them to Kamik where they will be recycled and given a new lease of life. Simply email to receive your free shipping label
  • Recycled and recyclable materials: In the past 5 years alone Kamik have been responsible for recycling 15 million plastic bottles in their production process. As well as this many of their materials, like the RubberHE soles are 100% recyclable.


Kamik also have a zero-waste target for all of their factories ongoing. Rather excitingly this target has already been reached by their factory in New Hamburg, Ontario.

We love working with brands like Kamik that echo many of our own policies and attitudes. When you buy a pair of Kamik boots then you know that you’re investing in a high-quality pair of boots, sustainably produced by a family run company, which will keep you warm and dry in all manner of conditions. What else could you possibly want from a boot?!

The Kamik Sienna F2 is a particular favourite of ours and a great showcase of everything we’ve talked about so far. These boots are ideal for traversing mountains, walking the dog, making your way from the office to the pub on Friday evening and everything in between.

Come down to one of our stores in Richmond, Edinburgh or Keswick and try a pair on for yourself!