It will come as no surprise to regular readers that we at Nordic Outdoor think wool is wonderful. This amazing material is natures very own High-tech fibre. It offers amazing properties that no synthetic fibre can reproduce. Therefore, it is easy to see why we hold a company like Dale of Norway in such high regard.  

All the brands and products we stock are carefully selected by our managing director and must meet some key requirements. Dale of Norway passes these tests and we’re sure that after reading this article, you will see why. 

When founder, Peder Jebsen passed through the village of Dale in 1872 he instantly recognised potential. He envisioned a premium textile production facility which would take advantage of the village’s natural location, access to the finest quality wool, and a pre-existing knitting tradition that went back generations.  

The factory first opened its doors in 1879, and still operates there to this day. Since then the company has become an integral part of Norwegian culture, producing high quality knitwear for over 140 years. 

Norge Sweater Dale Of Norway

From the very beginning the focus of Dale of Norway has been to create high quality products from premium materials. Skilled knitters and artisans joined the company early on, often staying for life and passing their skills on to new generations. Many of those who work at the company now are family of these original craftsmen. When you buy a Dale of Norway sweater you are not just buying a sweater, you are buying a by-product of 140 years of Norwegian tradition. 

One key aspect of Dale of Norway that we at Nordic Outdoor love is their commitment to using only the finest quality wool in their products. At Nordic Outdoor we stock a wide variety of wool products, and for good reason. As a textile it is waterproof, breathable and when treated with care will last you through many winters.  

The wool used in Dale of Norway sweaters comes from the “Dalasau” or valley sheep, famous throughout the world for the long-lasting wool it produces. As we all know one of the simplest ways to live an eco-friendlier life is to buy products which will last, and Dale of Norway have that covered. As a material wool is an important product to the people of Norway. Harsh winters have inspired a rich knitting heritage in the country, something reflected by the quality to be found in every Dale of Norway sweater. 

The stunning designs used in Dale of Norway’s sweaters reflect Norwegian culture and history. One of our favourite pieces, the Balder sweater is a great example. Everything from the rope pattern on the sleeves to the arrow shaped zipper garage represents Norway’s Viking heritage. This brands commitment to high quality production, whilst also staying aesthetically pleasing really sets it apart. So much so that the Balder sweater was named the official sweater for the Norwegian Alpine Ski team. 


This is perhaps the greatest testimony to the quality of these sweaters. Dale of Norway have had a long-standing partnership with the Norwegian National Ski Association. Since 1956 Dale of Norway have made the official sweaters for the Norwegian Ski Team for the winter Olympics. For Norwegians this is a great honour, skiing is after all their national sport, and it’s a real testament to Dale of Norway’s place in Norwegian culture. 

The lightweight yet sturdy material lends itself perfectly to the sport, and as a result Dale of Norway’s reputation for high quality products has spread around the world.  

At Nordic Outdoor we love products that are eco-friendly. We have a passion for durable, practical outdoor gear that looks good, and Dale of Norway ticks all those boxes. 

When you hold a Dale of Norway sweater you can feel the quality of the materials. The decades of craftsmanship that has gone into making this one of the best products on the market is plain to see. Simply put it’s more than just a sweater. Environmentally friendly, practical and fashionable all rolled in to one. What’s not to love? 


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