As we draw closer to the new year, the staff here at Nordic Outdoor are already planning and talking about next years adventures and trips.

Some people like to travel with their friends and loved ones, others prefer to go it alone, but recently more and more people have been taking their four-legged friends on their journeys with them. It’s something we love to see at Nordic Outdoor, and it brightens our staff’s days to get a visit from a dog and their owner looking for some quality outdoor gear.

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Every outdoor adventure requires the proper equipment. We don’t recommend that you try and climb Ben Nevis in your slippers. If you’re taking your furry friend with you on an outdoor excursion it’s best to get them kitted out with the right gear. Visitors to our store will know how highly we regard the Ruffwear brand and the variety of great items they produce for adventuring with your canine companion.

In their cleverly titled “Ruffwear Dog Blog” you can find some helpful tips and tricks for making your adventure unforgettable and as safe as possible for dog and human. The three we found most helpful were;

  • Know the Rules

Obviously different public places will have different rules concerning your dog companion. If you need to walk through a field with livestock to reach your camping destination, then this is probably not the best adventure to take your dog on. Whilst you definitely know your dog and their limits and behaviours best, it is important to carefully plan and research your destination beforehand.  

  • Good Camp and Trail Manners

Whilst it’s hard to believe, some people just don’t like dogs. That’s why when camping at a popular camp site it is vitally import that you keep an eye on your dog. It’s also a good idea to brush up on other pieces of camp and trail etiquette. If you’re taking your dog out into the field with you then they should have good recall and basic obedience training. Not only does this ensure the safety of you, your dog and others using the trails, it’s also good manners.

  • Have Fun

This is arguably the most important tip of all. If you follow good safety practices and plan properly then you should be ready to make some amazing memories with your dog. With some patience and a sense of humour you can’t go wrong.

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For more tips and tricks from Ruffwear find their original article here. If you’d like to see more pictures of Ruffwear ambassadors doing what they do best, you can find them here. Finally, if you like the look of any of the Ruffwear products we stock you can pick them up at any of our stores or online.

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