Hilleberg Allak 3

Since it’s introduction to the Hilleberg lineup in 2009, the Allak tent has quickly become a firm favourite of many avid outdoorsmen and women.

Originally only available in a two-person size, Hilleberg have introduced a three-person variant for 2019. Perfect for small families or couples who fancy bringing a little bit more with them, the Allak 3 is identical to its smaller predecessor in terms of design and features.

  In case you missed hearing about the features of the Allak the first time around, read on to discover the features of the latest change to the Hilleberg collection.


Anyone who has owned a Hilleberg tent in the past knows that the Swedish tentmaking are second to none in terms of quality and the Allak 3 is no exception.

Hilleberg tents are divided into 4 label groups based on their material and purpose. Ranging from the lightweight, summer Yellow Label tents to the heavy duty, polar expedition ready Black Labels, Hilleberg have a tent category to suit almost any user.

The Allak 3 falls right in the middle Red Label category. This is a tent which you can use in all four seasons, comfortably, right out of the box. The Red Label category is reserved for Hilleberg tents which are tough enough to be classed as Four-Season tents but sacrifice a little strength to be more lightweight. This makes the Allak 3 the perfect tent for backpacking couples/small families.

 Hilleberg Labelling System

Made from Hillebergs lightweight yet durable Keron 1200 outer tent fabric, the Allak 3 boasts a surprisingly small pack weight for a 3-person tent whilst still boasting a rather considerable 26lb minimum tear strength. This combination of light weight and high strength translates to a tent for all occasions.

This versatility is a quality that has helped put Hilleberg on the map. They were early adopters of the practise of making the inner tent detachable from the outer. This allows for true versatility in a wide range of conditions and has been a feature of nearly all Hilleberg tents since their foundation.

The Allak 3 is a perfect tent for everything from summer kayaking to winter backpacking. The design makes pitching the Allak easy in most conditions and locations, a feature which has made the model hugely popular with kayakers. It’s twin vestibules are also ideal for storing gear and equipment.

Allak 3 Features

Roomy, sturdy and easy to use the Allak 3 is an ideal addition to your camping kit. Fancy trying one out for yourself? Take a trip down to one of our stores or buy online. For a limited time we’ll even throw in the footprint for free!