In a new feature here at Nordic Outdoor we have asked our latest member of staff Julia to answer some of our customers most asked questions. Julia has a wealth of experience working in the outdoors and was a Hiking guide in Queenstown for over 5 years where she lead groups of up to 50 people on 3 to 6-day hikes on the Milford, Routeburn and Greenstone tracks in the Fiorland and Mt Aspiring National Parks. While working in New Zealand, Julia was often advising customers on the best outdoor equipment for their needs with a focus on hiking, camping and climbing equipment. Julia also brings with her to Nordic Outdoor a depth of knowledge in sustainability thanks to an MSc in Ecotourism!

Ask Julia will become a monthly feature at Nordic Outdoor where we ask Julia to answer some of our most frequently asked questions. We would love to hear what questions you have regarding our stock, brands or sustainability work and Julia will provide you with all the answers you seek! You can email your questions across to Julia at [email protected]

Here’s some of the key questions we have looked at this month;

Greenland Wax at Nordic Outdoor

Q - Can Greenland Wax be used on other products, Such as Barbour Jackets? Does it provide waterproofing?

A - Fjällräven's Greenland Wax is a combination of paraffin and beeswax that increases the water resistance of fabrics when melted into it.

Almost any fabric that is made of fibres which bond with melted wax can be treated with wax to improve or renew its water resistance. Natural fibres such as cotton, linen, wool, hemp etc. tend to bond best with wax. Fjällrävens G-1000 is specifically designed to be treated with Greenland wax and will therefore show the best results. However, it is safe to say that you can use the Greenland wax on your garment if it was waxed when you purchased it or if it came with waxing instructions.

Different brands use different types of wax with different results. Greenland wax is lighter and more breathable than for example Barbour wax, but it is therefore also slightly less water resistant. No wax will make a garment 100% waterproof as seams need to be sealed to achieve this.

For a demonstration of how to apply the Greenland wax see a video here

Q - I recently purchased a Gränsfors Bruk axe and it doesn’t have the steel wedge which I am used to with previous Gränsfors products, is this a faulty axe?

A -  Don't worry, you've not got a faulty axe! In actual fact Gränsfors Bruk removed the steel wedge used in all their axes except the splitting axes in 2016 as this wedge provided no added benefit for the majority of users. Gransfors made this change as it was physically demanding for the person who manufactured the axe to fix the steel wedge on every axe. At the same time Gransfors made this change with a sustainability mindset, striving not to use more material and resources than necessary. Before making this change they conducted many tests and interviewed users to ensure the change would not affect the quality and performance of the products. The splitting axes will still be fitted with metal wedges as significantly more force is used when using the axes and the metal wedge provides extra security for that.


Julia at Nordic Outdoor

Q - I have just been told by another UK outdoor specialist - that Fjällräven jackets are not waterproof...is this so?

A - Fjällräven produce a range of water resistant as well as a range of waterproof jackets. The G-1000 fabric that most Fjällräven jackets are made from gets its water resistance through its tight weave and added Greenland wax but isn’t waterproof in itself. However, Fjällräven does have a range of jackets which are fully waterproof such as the Yupik and Nuuk Parkas.

Q - I’m looking at purchasing a Tentipi for my family. What size would you suggest, how would I work out the most suitable size?

A - When choosing the size of your Tentipi there are two things you want to keep in mind: size and weight. If you will be carrying your tent you might prefer a lighter smaller tent over a larger heavier one. If weight isn’t an issue the additional comfort of a larger tent is usually preferred.

All Tentipi tents come in a 5, a 7, and a 9-person version. This number relates to number of people who will fit in the tent when sleeping military style and doesn’t include room for equipment so it’s best to keep this in mind when looking at size.

An easy way to figure out how much space you and your family need is by taping the outlines of the tent floor onto your floor at home or outlining it with string in your garden on a nice day. You then get all your sleeping mats and bags you want to store inside the tent and see which size will accommodate all of you comfortably. Do keep in mind the angle of the tent wall which decreases the space the outer edges.

The measurements and a floorplan for each tent and size are available on our website.

Tentipi Safir Tent

Q - How do I know when I need to re-waterproof my Tentipi? Do I need to send this away to be re-waterproofed or can I do it myself?

A - Once a Nordic tipi that has been used intensively and for a long time, some leaking may occur, and it may need re-impregnation. Re-impregnating a tent canvas is something most people can easily do themselves. The good news is that yuor Tentipi is unlikely to need any re-proofing for years and years after purchase!

If a small damp patch appears it is often because of a treated strap or chord rubbing substances onto the canvas. This can easily be fixed by rinsing the affected area with clean water (without cleaning agent).

If an area is leaking even after rinsing it as described above then it may be time to consider reproofing your tentipi! Tentipi recommend using Acapella products to clean and impregnate their tipis. If you're unsure if you need to reproof then don't hesitate to reach out to Nordic Outdoor to ask!

If there is leakage on a lightweight tent, it will probably come from the seams. This can be easily fixed by applying impregnating agent to all seams as a preventive measure after a long period of use or if a leak has been detected.

Detailed care instructions can be found on the Tentipi website

A detailed description on how to use the Acapella products for re-impregnation can be found on the Acapella website

Q - I’ve purchased one of the Gealtan Reindeer hides from Nordic Outdoor. How do I best care for this?

A - Reindeer hides are sensitive to humidity as well as heat and may start moulting when exposed to either. Therefore, make sure you keep you hide away from heat sources such as underfloor heating or fireplaces. To avoid damage caused by humidity it is recommended to choose a silicon coated hide for use outdoors. Keep the hide away from damp environments such as bathrooms.

When carrying the hide with you on a hike, roll it with the top inside to protect the fur from water. We do not recommend placing any of the Gealtan Reindeer Hides on the floor at any time. When storing the hide inside also ensure it can breathe and isn’t packed into a sealed bag or laid out on the floor with no airflow underneath. A cool, dry well aired position is ideal.

If your hide did get wet dry it at room temperature in bright natural light but avoid direct sunlight.

Any spills on the hide should be treated immediately. Dab it with an absorbent towel or tissue to remove the liquid. If a coloured liquid has stained the fur you can try a mild shampoo and lukewarm water however try not to get the hide too wet. Once the skin has been washed and dried it will lose its suppleness. If solids are spilled get the majority off straight away. Once the rest has dried remove it with a soft brush.

Q - Do Nordic Outdoor ship to BFPO addresses?

A - We do try and deliver to all BFPO addresses however, the specific locations’ terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for any sales and we can inform you what preferential VAT and shipping rates apply to your relevant BFPO.

Q - I’m looking to have my order shipped abroad but can’t see how much this will cost. Do you ship abroad, how much does this cost?

A - We do ship our products worldwide with only a few restrictions. Any item containing natural fur or that could be considered a weapon may not be permitted through some country’s customs and gas cylinders can’t be shipped at all.

If you are unsure whether your item of choice can be shipped to your country, please contact us.

Once you have placed an order, we will calculate the shipping cost for you and send you a quote which is based on the weight of your order and the region it will be delivered to. You then have the option to accept or decline the offer. Should you decline we will give you a full refund for your purchase within one working day.

Q - I am looking to purchase a Tentipi, is there any tool to help set up the pegs equally on the ground?

A - Each Tentipi comes with a mounting cross and measuring cord to help you place your pegs in the right places. Fix the mounting cross on the ground with a peg where the central pole of your Tentipi will sit. From there attach the measuring cord to the peg, align it with a line on the cross and place a peg at the red mark on the cord. Repeat this for the remaining seven lines to have all eight pegs in the right position.

You can also purchase a wooden Tentipi pole plate which has the relevant markings for peg placement and prevents your central pole from sinking into the ground.

Q - I’m looking to get into woodcarving, is there any kit you would recommend for a beginner?

A - The best option for a novice woodcarver would be Morakniv’s Mora Rookie knife. It has a rounded tip and a finger guard which helps prevent injuries. The handle is designed for smaller hands and combined with the extra safety features this makes it a great choice for introducing children to the craft.

One step up from this and without the additional safety features would be the Mora Woodcarving Basic. With a narrow and pointed 80mm carving blade and a polymer handle providing excellent grip. The blade is stainless steel which means it stays sharper for longer and requires minimal maintenance.

Gransfors Blog Image

Q - What is the best all-rounder axe from Gränsfors Bruk? Are there any that would fit into a backpack?

A - Gränsfors Bruk have large array of axes and hatchets for all purposes and quite a few of them do fit into a backpack.

The Wildlife Hatchet is a traditional scouting and camping axe. Measuring 35 cm (13,5") overall and weighing 0.8 kg it will fit into any camping and hiking backpack. It is long and heavy enough for chopping branches and processing small trees. With its relatively wide and very sharp blade it can be used for carving as well.

The Small Forest Axe is another all-round camping axe. At 50 cm (19") length and weighing 1 kg it is longer and heavier than the Wildlife Hatchet but still fits most backpacks. The extra weight and length make it suitable for felling and limbing smaller trees and give it more power for splitting.

We hope you liked our first ever Ask Julia segment, should you have any questions for Julia then email them across to [email protected]. For all the latest news and products from Nordic Outdoor make sure to sign up to our email newsletter and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.