Best Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

It’s the season of goodwill and that inevitably means a panicked rush in the last week running on to christmas trying to pick up last minute presents and stocking fillers. If you’re one of those people who gets their christmas shopping out of the way in Spring then good for you! We don’t trust you, but good for you. 

This guide should help alleviate some of the panic that comes with this time of year. As a reader of this blog we can confidently assume you’re into the outdoors, or are shopping for an outdoor enthusiast. Practitioners of outdoor sports and activities are some of the easiest people in the world to shop for. So whether it’s your hiker husband's big gift or a small token of affection for your weird aunt who lives in a tent we’re sure to have something to put a smile on your gift recipient's face. 

We’ve put together a quick guide with products at three distinct price points. To further help we’ve made up some groups to help with your gift giving. Simply find the outdoor category that your intended gift recipient belongs to and use the price guide to find our top gift recommendations


The Bushcrafter lives on off brand MREs and adventure. If you try and give The Bushcrafter cutlery that hasn’t been hand carved they’ll laugh in your face and get whittling. They understand that everything is better outdoors and feel more at home sleeping in a muddy gap in the woods than most of us would feel in a 5 star hotel. 

The Bushcrafter can start fires with ease to a worrying degree and reckons he could give Bear Grylls a run for his money! No matter what you have in your pocket the Bushcrafter knows how to use it to start a fire, build a shelter and catch some dinner to boot.

If you’ve got a bushcrafter in your life then we have 3 gifts that will guarantee you their eternal gratitude, and probably a lifetime supply of hand-carved spoons. Just don’t blame us when they disappear off into the woods halfway through Christmas Dinner! 

Around £50 and Under

Mora 120

The Mora 120 comes razor sharp and ready to use. No matter what level you’re at in your woodcarving career the mora 120 is a great addition to any collection. Mora knives are widely regarded as some of the best value knives on the market. 

The 120 has a narrow and pointed, full tang blade made of laminated steel, which gives it superior toughness and edge resiliency. The flexible blade allows for precision for those tricky little details.
The barrel shaped handle made of oiled birch wood is slightly larger for a good grip. The wood also gives it a natural feeling and also gives you the possibility to shape the handle to your own liking.

Around £150 and Under

Outdoor Axe

The Outdoor Axe is one of the newest designs to come from the world’s greatest axe forge and is the dream gift on many a bushcrafters santa list. Closely related to the Wildlife hatchet, although with a thinner, longer handle and a smaller head. Due to it's slightly wedge-shaped blade the outdoor axe makes an excellent kindling axe and, as always with Gransfors, great attention has been paid to the balance and overall feel of the axe, making it a pleasure to use. The Outdoor Axe is very light and extremely packable, but despite this it’s still perfect for any number of bushcraft tasks. You won’t find the outdoor axe lacking! Equipped with a steel collar beneath the head for added protection when splitting Each axe is supplied with a leather sheath and comes stamped with the initials of the blacksmith who forged the axe. With their 20 year warranty, a gransfors axe isn’t just for christmas, it’s for life!

Around £250 and Under

Singi Stubben

The Singi Stubben is a real staff favourite at Nordic Outdoor. One of the most ingenious designs to come out of those big brains at Fjallraven, this durable G-1000 backpack doubles up as a handy stool. The backpack is reinforced with a steel frame but still boasts plenty of room for your day away kit. 

The main compartment has a snowlock but can also be accessed via a zipper at the front. Perfect for hunting, fishing, bird watching etc. when you want to both carry comfortably and have a seat with you.


The New Convert

The convert probably works and lives in a big city and probably hasn’t spent a whole lot of time in the great outdoors. However recently he’s felt the call of the wild in a very real way and he is now well and truly hooked. Every weekend is spent on a campsite or forest path around the country and meetings are spent daydreaming about his next escape. 

Quite frankly the convert’s friends are probably sick of hearing about how good they are at using a bow drill but they love their new enthusiasm. What they lack in outdoor experience they make up for with real passion bordering on obsession. 

The convert is the kind of person who isn’t afraid to go to the local cafe, kitted out head to toe in Fjallraven gear and we love them for it. If you have someone in your life who’s just recently caught the outdoor bug then we have a series of brilliant gifts that are sure to please. Just be prepared for a series of spirited demonstrations all through Christmas, probably branching into New Years Day.

Around £50 and Under

Ghillie Kettle M

A compact and packable version of the famous and highly regarded Ghillie Kettle. Simply add sticks or other fuel to the central well and light it up for boiling water in a matter of minutes. 

Making your tea or coffee on a ghillie kettle is a great experience. Call us weird but it definitely makes the tea taste nicer! You can even cook on it adding another aspect to its versatility. Be warned though, if you do gift this to someone don’t be surprised when everytime you ask them to stick the kettle on they disappear into the garden with an axe and a box of matches!

Around £150 and Under

Vidda Pro Trousers

Every outdoor enthusiast needs a solid pair of trousers and the Vidda Pro will always be our choice for that. The Fjällräven Vidda Pro Trousers are a durable and practical outdoor trouser with a low waist in Fjällräven's G-1000® material. The Vidda Pro Trousers also feature reinforced rear and knees and several practical pockets.

The G-1000’s tight weave is naturally water and wind resistant whilst maintaining breathability and can be impregnated with greenland wax. There’s a reason the Vidda Pro is a staple on campsites around the world and they are an essential for any budding bushcrafter. 

Around £250 and Under

Kaipak Jacket

An outdoor jacket that will last through thick and thin. Adaptable, stylish and functional this fantastic jacket works just as well in the wilds as it does on the morning commute. 

The Kaipak Jacket is made from the durable and water-resistant G-1000 Eco features stretch panels under the arms which allow for full freedom of movement and exceptional breathability. The water resistance can be adjusted using the Greenland wax. Three zippers outside and one inside the pocket offer storage for smaller items. The hood is adjustable and has a protective brim.

The Happy Camper

The Happy Camper hasn’t a clue how to start a fire without their lighter, couldn’t build a shelter to save their life and doesn’t give a toss. These are the weekend warriors who are happy to spend a couple of days a month on a campsite when the weather calls for it but aren’t obsessive. They’re not afraid to ask for help and realise that you don’t need the survival skills of an SAS Commando to enjoy a weekend in the pentlands. 

We’ve a huge array of products that are perfect for those of us who are more than happy to take shortcuts and easy routes when camping and hiking. 

Around £50 and Under

Micron Trail Stove

Take all the fuss out of outdoor cooking. The Primus Micron Trail Stove packs up ultra small to fit neatly in your backpack. Despite its compactness it works a treat. Perfect for taking the fuss out of heating up the kettle or pot/pan. 

Why not combine with the Zebra lunch kit or some of our LMF eating utensils for a fuss free outnic!

Around £150 and Under

Small Viking Axe Game

Unleash your inner viking with The Small Viking axe game. A more scandinavian version of darts. Why bother learning to throw hunting axes or anything like that when you can make a fun game out of it. The dried pine score board and quality forged axe heads are built to last. Just watch out for windows, spouses and family pets! 

Well over £250

Olivin 2CP 

The dream gift. Anyone who loves camping will more than likely know the struggle of arriving at the campsite after dark in a howling gale and spending hours constructing your shelter with your friends to limited success before giving up and sleeping in the car. 

 The Tentipi brings all of that to an end. Aside from the quality of material and design it can be erected in 5 - 10 minutes. A true joy to camp in.

The Olivin CP takes many of the features of larger Tentipi tents and packages it down into an easy to carry, 2 man tent. Large enough for two people to sleep in with plenty of room or for four to sit in and socialize the Olivin CP is a true backpacking tipi. Ideal for those who want the luxury and strength of a tipi who want to hike further afield.

The Stay at Home

Finally we have the Stay at Home heroes. They don’t give a toss about outdoor activities. The closest they get to a hike in the woods is walking past the window on the way to the fridge and more power to them. Maybe they like outdoor trousers because of all the handy pockets. 

Whatever their reasoning they prefer slippers to skis and a day on the sofa to the day in the hills. 

Around £50 and under

Ester Slipper

Comfortable woolen slippers from Shepherd of Sweden to up your night in game. These warm slippers have an ankle slit and are breathable whilst maintaining warmth. Stylish, comfortable and long lasting, what more could you want this Christmas?

Around £150 and under

An updated version of the Fleece wool hoodie from Aclima, the worlds first 100% merino wool fleece hoodie! The Fleecewool hoodie is perfect for cold weather use outdoors and indoors this Autumn and Winter. This luxurious hoodie has all the benefits of merino wool with the warmth and comfort of a high quality fleece.

Ideal for use as a mid layer on cold weather trips but is just as at home for lazy days lounging around the house. 

Around £250 and Under

Womens Smilla Boot

If you’re anything like us you wish it was socially acceptable to wear your slippers out in the real world. With Shepherd of Sweden we have the answer. The Smilla boots have a luxurious sheep wool lining for incredible warmth and comfort on those cold winter walks. 

It isn’t just about comfort though, these are a sturdy and functional pair of boots that will serve through many winters. 

The Eco Warrior

Nobody takes environmental conscience further than the Eco Warrior. Everything they do from what they wear to what they eat is carefully calculated to have minimal impact on the environment. 

This obviously applies to the places they shop and we can guarantee that anything you buy from the Nordic Outdoor website will have considerable sustainability credentials and will pass the Eco Warriors stringent tests! 

Around £50 or under

Spork N Straw Titanium Kit

The absolute pinnacle of the spork and straw from light my fire. This titanium spork and straw set are built to last and come with a handy merino wool carrying case. Not only is it stylish, it’s also functional, sustainable and almost indestructible! Get yours today, ideal for the office and the campsite and a great stocking filler this Christmas.

Around £150 or under

Ocean Net Roll Top

The Ocean Net Rolltop is an incredibly handy bag for outdoor use that looks professional enough for a school or office environment.The flexible opening makes the bag easy to pack and lets it hold more than initially meets the eye. The Ocean Net Rolltop has no fewer than eight hidden pockets,but best of all is the material the backpack is made of.

The ocean net rolltop is made of recycled nylon from old fishing nets which makes it good for you, good for the environment and as it’s built to last, good for your wallet! 

Well over £250

Western Mountaineering Highlite

The Western Mountaineering Highlite is an environmentally conscious hikers dream come true. If you treat this bag right you’ll be passing it on to your Grandkids! The quality of design and material are on a different level and you can clearly see why these are the best tents on the market. Incredibly lightweight, yet warm and comfortable, one of our favourite things about this bag is where the down comes from. 

Down is always a tricky thing to handle ethically but Western Mountaineering handles it beautifully. The down from these bags isn’t plucked from live geese, rather it is collected from the nests of specially bred mother geese while the geese are on a different part of the reservation. This means happy geese and happy customers as the quality of the down is truly remarkable. You can read more about it here.



The Urban Explorer

The Urban Explorer works in the city but dreams of the wilderness. The uniform for their morning commute looks stylish to the layman but is more than capable of tackling the worst that nature can unleash. They may be forced to carry a laptop but they rest comfortable in the knowledge that the bag they use is suitable for both Kilimanjaro and Kensington High Street. When they walk their Bichon Frise in the morning the lead could hold back even the strongest Alaskan Malamute. Lockdown won’t hold the urban explorer back from tackling the outdoors in style. 

Around £50 and Under

Pinewood Rainfall Poncho

When the weather takes a sudden turn you’ll be more than happy to have one of these in your backpack. Whether you’re on the campsite or on your way to the office this one is a must pack for many of us.
Despite the size it packs down to the Rainfall Poncho is sturdy, waterproof and will keep the chill and rain out at a moments notice. Its ultra lightweight packsize means it will even fit in most christmas stockings! Hint hint. 


Around £150 and under

Hestra Army Leather Fall Line

The Army Leather Fall Line 5 Finger from hestra doesn’t mess about. These will keep you warm and toasty over the winter in the city but are just as good in the wilds. Whether you’re hiking, skiing, fishing or bushcrafting the Fall Line 5 Finger is a stylish addition you’ll be delighted you packed.
Hestra gloves are on a different level thanks to over a century of experience and some of the best materials and designs on the market.


Around £250 and Under

Ratatosk 4.0 Backpack

Nothing says Urban explorer like a Kevlar backpack. Stylish and elegant enough to take into the office everyday without raising an eyebrow, but it’s in the wilds that this backpack really shines. This stylish backpack is designed to tackle tough climbs and alpine mountain expeditions. The robust, clean and simple design prevents snags and the shape is designed to be able to carry heavy loads with optimised weight distribution.
It has a trim shape and is narrower in the bottom to keep the weight close to the body for long climbs.

The Junior Adventurer

Shopping for kids at christmas can be a nightmare.It’s no easy thing to keep up with the latest toys and gadgets but if you’re lucky enough to have a Junior Adventurer in the house then your job is made so much easier.
We have a huge range of excellent products that will help to encourage and develop a love for the outdoors that will serve your young adventurer well in his later life.

Around £25 and Under

Light My Fire Firesteel Army

Learning how to safely and responsibly make a fire in the wild is an important life skill and a big responsibility. With the Bio Swedish Firesteel Army from Light My Fire your job of starting a fire couldn’t be much easier. It’s therefore a perfect learning tool under supervision.
Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense, The Light My Fire FireSteel BIO Army Firestarter is your best friend when it comes to igniting a fire in any weather. The striker component is made from Magnesium alloy. This makes for a durable fire striker that will work reliably for approximately 12,000 strikes. Its 5,400-degrees Fahrenheit (3,000-degrees Celsius) spark makes fire building easy in any weather, at any altitude.A perfect stocking filler this christmas

Around £50 and Under

Tretorn Wings Mini 

A smaller and more flexible version of Tretorn's classic backpack. Ideal as a school bag for children for everyday use or to take on excursions. The compact PU material protects the backpack against rain and water. The bag features an inner lining of 100% recycled polyester with a reinforced bottom that guards against water and wear. The Wings Mini Pack is well-equipped with several easy-access pockets to keep items handy such as pens, books and mobile phones. The adjustable straps allow for great versatility as you can use the pack as a backpack, hand bag, or shoulder bag.

Around £100 and Under


What child doesn’t want an axe! The Wildlife hatchet is a fantastic starter axe that your junior adventurer will be able to love and cherish for decades. The wildlife hatchet is a small, light axe which can be easily carried inside a back-pack or on the belt. A small axe that is more than capable of cutting branches in the garden or splitting sticks for a campfire. A great tool for use at home or in the great outdoors.