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Haglöfs: Winter Clothing for Both Nature and Town


Haglöfs products can withstand extreme conditions. Thus, they will never let the unpredictable weather change your ambitious plans. With Haglöfs outerwear, you can have incredible outdoor experiences.

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There are great ways to enjoy the wild nature in winter provided that you’re fully equipped. But did you know that Haglöfs can also help you feel comfortable in town when it’s cold outside? With Haglöfs, you can savour every moment of winter no matter where you are. And here are 11 great ideas on how to do it in both nature and town!


What to Do Outdoors

1. Winter Camping

Winter Camping Tent Life

Winter camping will give you a fascinating opportunity to enjoy a peaceful silver landscape without getting cold. Just remember to layer up! You’ll need a base layer such as thermal underwear, an insulating layer such as a fleece jacket, a softshell jacket, and a warm down parka. You’ll also need an additional weather-proof outermost layer. 


2. Snowshoeing

Snow Shoeing, Nice Dog

Snowshoeing is a fantastic way to explore the less-travelled regions of the country. It’s an awesome opportunity to have fun on a frosty day alone or with your friends. Your pooch will be also happy to have an exciting walk through the beautiful snowy woods! Snowshoeing is also a great cardio workout as you have to cover long distances. Just don’t forget GPS to guide you through the remote places.


3. Cross Country Skiing

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Missing a heart-pumping experience? Energize yourself with cross-country skiing! Glide through the most outstanding sceneries. Breathe in awesome wintry air without getting cold. By the way, did you know that cross-country skiing is even healthier than running? It enhances your cardiovascular system but creates less pressure on the joints.

4. Watching the Northern Lights

Look at those lights man

If you’re bored with the long nights, an Aurora-viewing trip will lift your spirits. However, it’s essential to choose the right time for watching the Northern Lights. The best Aurora-hunting period is from January to March. The Lights are likely to show during the cold nights, so be prepared to catch them. Layer up and put on your warmest parka so that the frost doesn’t distract you from observing this spectacular scenery.


5. Dogsledding

Dog looks knackered.

Imagine how much fun it is to go on a dog-sled ride with your family or friends! You’ll catch stunning views of the ice-capped peaks, fairy-tale trees, and silver valleys. However, you’ll need warm outerwear as you won’t move much during your trip.  


What to do in town

If you’re missing the great outdoors but have to stay in town, you can still enjoy your winter. Keeping the balance is essential, so here are some exciting activities for town!


Owl in tree


Even if it’s snowing heavily, you can still go outside to watch beautiful birds. You can even attract some of them to your own backyard! All you have to do is to feed birds on a regular basis using black oil sunflower seeds. Birds will also appreciate warmed-up water as the natural sources tend to freeze. Birdwatching will give you an opportunity to connect with nature and help it during the coldest days.


2.Bird Feeding

Hungry wee fella

You can enjoy a long walk among the snow-capped trees and hang your self-made birdfeeders. It is extremely easy to create a feeder reusing old milk or juice boxes as well as other materials. Turn the box upside-down, cut a hole, and add some grains. But wait - you might need to protect the feeder from squirrels! In this case, place the feeder on poles six feet off the ground. Make sure squirrels cannot access it by jumping from trees.


3.Nordic Walking



It’s fun to take your walking sticks and explore nature without leaving the town. You can practice Nordic walking anywhere including the park located nearby. You’ll feel an enormous surge of energy after a few hours of Nordic walking in the snow. By the way, this activity is also easy on the joints and burns about 50% more calories than regular walking.


4. Snowball Fight 

Snowball woman

What can be more entertaining for children than a good old snowball fight? And let’s be honest here - grown-ups are fond of it as much as kids. So don’t be shy and teach the children to make their first snowball. There will be so much laughter it the evening when the fight is over!


5.Making a Snowman and Snow Painting


Kids love making a snowman! So take a carrot and a few tiny stones to create its nose and eyes, and rush out of the house. When the snowman is ready, your children will also love painting on the white powdery surface. You’ll need a few spray bottles filled with cold water. Add a few drops of food colouring to each bottle. Now you have several coloured sprays to paint hearts, snowflakes, and Christmas trees right on the snow!


You know, weather cannot be bad if you’re properly equipped. Your winter adventure can start today, even if you have to stay in town! Haglöfs clothing will allow you to look stylish and feel comfortable whatever the weather. Turn your winter into fun wherever you are!

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