Introducing Klattermusen

We’re proud to announce the introduction of Klattermusen to the Nordic Outdoor line up. Introducing a new brand to Nordic Outdoor is always a cause of great excitement amongst our staff and we’re always keen to transfer that excitement on to you, our customers. To many, Klattermusen needs no introduction. But for the uninitiated we thought it would be helpful to do an in depth look into Klattermusen and all the things you can expect from them. 

A brief History of Klattermusen

Klattermusen are an established Swedish mountaineering equipment brand famous for manufacturing high quality, innovative clothing and equipment for mountaineers and other outdoor enthusiasts. 

Founded in 1975 by a band of local climbers, Klattermusen operates with the simple philosophy: “maximum safety for you, minimum impact on nature.” Real experiences in the mountains around Scandinavia inspired the group to create a small workshop where they constructed tailored solutions to the problems they encountered. 

The name Klattermusen comes from a popular swedish childrens character, meaning Mountain Mouse. Why? The original founders wanted to avoid people buying their backpacks based on a "cool name." And so with their slightly strange name Klattermusen began to sell high quality outdoor gear on merit alone and have been making a huge name for themselves in europe ever since!

The innovative, pioneering spirit that sparked the creation of Klattermusen remains at the heart of everything the company produces, and so they are constantly updating, testing and refining their products and the fabrics used in producing their clothing and equipment. 


Regular readers of our blog will know the huge emphasis we place on sustainable brands and we’re happy to say that Klattermusen fit the bill perfectly

Outdoor clothing companies have a responsibility to the environment and Klattermusen are fully committed to this.

To reduce the environmental impact of their clothing production Klattermusen produces high quality clothing with long lasting materials that is easy to repair. Extreme durability and repair are key weapons in the sustainability arsenal of any company and it’s something Klattermusen takes very seriously. A Klattermusen item is one which you will have for many years if treated right. This cuts down on the waste. Klattermusen CEO Gonz Ferrero has stated in the past that Klattermusen’s philosophy on sustainable production has been the same since 1975; "repair equipment until it falls apart and to continually strive to improve constructions."

On top of this they switched to 100% organic cotton in 2006 and began using nylon from recycled fishing nets in 2009. This recycled nylon can be found in all Klattermusen backpacks.

Klattermusen also became the first outdoor brand in history to achieve a 100% fluorocarbon-free collection in 2017.

The Klattermusen Range

We have a wide variety of items to suit outdoor enthusiasts of all creeds. Whether you’re in need of hiking trousers or a new backpack for weekends in the hills the Klattermusen line has you more than covered. 

We’ve highlighted some products from the new Autumn Winter collection that we’re feeling particularly excited about at the moment. Klattermusen are looking like they’ll be becoming an integral part of what we do at Nordic Outdoor and we think this is a perfect place to start.

Ratatosk Kevlar 30L

At first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s nothing that really stands out about this minimalist 30 litre backpack. Take a closer look at the design, materials and features however and you will quickly learn why the ratatosk is one of Klattermusen's most popular backpacks and products. 

The robust, clean and simple design is perfect for tough climbs and mountain expeditions in which you are expecting to be carrying heavy loads around. 

The Retina fabric is completely fluorocarbon free and uses 60% recycled polyamide so this ultra tough backpack is actually quite gentle on the planet. As standard the outer of the bag is reasonably clutter free to avoid tangles but it does feature a variety of loop webbing for attaching gear and equipment using carabiners.
The Ratatosk also features a super robust Kevlar fiber for ultimate protection. The ratatosk is a versatile and hard wearing backpack that’s perfect for anyone from the most grizzled bushcrafters to weekend hikers. Give one a try and you’ll see why we’re so excited about this brand.

Gere 2.0

At Nordic Outdoor we love finding a product that sums up its parent brand’s ethos and the Gere 2.0 fills that role for Klattermusen. These outdoor trousers are extremely resistant and durable but are also environmentally friendly due to the bluesign approved fabrics used in construction.

The Gere 2.0 offers maximum practicality in its well thought out technical details and design. Zippered ventilation at the sides helps keep you comfortable when you’re on the move but comes with a storm flap to keep you sheltered when you need it.

It’s the little details that really warm us to these trousers. The integrated boot lace hook which seals the hem and the small phone pocket are little details you would love to have in all your outdoor clothing.

Not only are these trousers durable enough for the hills they’re also extremely comfortable for short hikes and lazing about camp. Try a pair on at our stores and you’ll definitely be converted!

Lofn Shirt

The Lofn shirt may seem light, cool and casual, and it definitely is all those things, but this Shirt is also a highly technical outdoor shirt designed for incredible freedom of movement for technical climbing and hiking expeditions.

The Lofn shirt is perfect on and off the mountain. Whilst it won’t look out of place in an office environment, thanks to its design and materials you won’t regret packing this shirt on your next expedition.

Thanks to its Tencel and organic cotton design the Lofn is cool, stretchy and ecen antibacterial. The shoulder seams are moved forward with the aim of minimizing abrasion with a backpack.
Every aspect of this shirt is innovatively designed to make movement a dream. Comfortable, hard wearing and stylish it’s sure to be a big hit among our staff and customers alike. 


Mithril Jacket

If you're looking for a perfect blend of wind resistance and insulation, the mithril jacket is the answer. This reinforced softshell is made using bluesign approved fabrics that gives you excellent protection from the elements without a big cost to the environment.

The jacket is sleek and stylish enough for use in everyday life but a great technical piece of clothing for all kinds of outdoor adventure. The slanted angle of the zipper minimizes abrasion when layering and comes with an internal storm flap for wind protection. The high collar offers good wind protection and is lined with micro-fleece for comfort.

This combination of warmth and wind resistance make it ideal for climbing especially at altitude and it's a brilliant piece to incorporate into your winter layering system.



As you can probably tell we’re really excited about Klattermusen and can’t wait to hear what our customers think of the products. When it comes to inovative design and sustainability you'll struggle to find better than Klattermusen.

If you're considering an upgrade to your cold weather outdoor wardrobe then you should consider coming down to one of our stores and trying some of the Klattermusen AW2020 range out for yourself. 

Should you have any questions about this or any other brand give us a call on 0131 552 3000 or send us an email at [email protected]. Theres nothing we love more than discussing stock and we'll be happy to talk you through your next favourite bit of kit.