Midsummer is probably the most popular Nordic holiday. It falls on the third Friday in June, and this is when we leave the cities behind and head for our summer cabins. It’s a weekend that’s centered around good food and great company - ideally outdoors. 

To help you prepare for the festivities, I’ve put together a list with my top picks for a memorable midsummer - Nordic style.


Take the Takibi with you

For us, it’s Takibi season all year round. But come summer, it’s a lifestyle. With its foldable structure, Snow Peak’s packable fireplace makes sure you can enjoy a midsummer meal in just about any setting. 

Go nowhere without your Norlender

The Midsummer weather is historically unreliable. You’ll be surprised if it’s sunny, because for reasons unknown, it tends to be cold, if not rainy. The coldest midsummer I remember (let it be known that my dad was furious) clocked in at 11 degrees. So much for the height of summer! 

That’s why you always want to bring a warm jumper. And I can’t think of a better option than Norlender’s Svalbard Sweater.

Keep beverages ice cold in your Yeti Cooler

Anyone who’s serious about summer needs a Yeti Cooler. After all, is there anything worse than a lukewarm beverage on a hot day? On Midsummer Eve, serving warm schnapps would be an outright crime.

Whether you go non-alc or fancy a cold one, the Yeti Cooler will help you quench your thirst.

Mix up the perfect campsite cocktail with the Yeti Shaker

If you’re opting for a night in a tent or a tipi instead of a cabin, that doesn’t mean you need to make sacrifices. 

The Yeti Shaker is durable, portable, and leak-resistant, making sure you can enjoy your favorite tipple at the end of a long day on the trail.

Plus, if you already own Yeti drinkware products, you might just need the Shaker Lid and you’re good to go! Check out the full list of compatible products here.

Lean back in Snow Peak’s Low Chair

To say that Snow Peak’s comfortable camping chairs have changed our lives would be an understatement. What did we even sit on before? 

We’ve opted for the Snow Peak Low Chair which has become a backyard favorite as well as a trusted camping companion. 

Pitch perfect with Tentipi

No cabin? No problem. While we only discovered Tentipi last year, it’s changed the way we camp for good. Upgrading from a 2-person tent that doesn’t have nearly enough space for two people - let alone two people and a dog - to a 9-person Tentipi just upped the adventure ante by miles. 

So if you like your space but still want to be able to host a group of friends, this is an investment that’ll last for many midsummers to come.

Pack the ideal outdoor chopping board

A good chef never compromises on their kit, even when it comes to his camping setup. This foldable chopping board from Snow Peak comes with a stainless steel knife that’ll cut through just about anything. Any sous chef would be delighted to have this in their outdoor arsenal. 

Break tradition with a bucket hat

Typically, the dress code for Midsummer includes wearing a flower crown/wreath (midsommarkrans). Now, while pretty, this isn’t the most practical item if you’re out and about. My choice? Fjällräven’s Kiruna Hat. If you’re in Scotland, you might want to double down and also get the one with a mosquito net (you won’t regret it). Call it effortless switching from a daytime to a nighttime outfit. 

If you want to keep with tradition and wear white, I’d go for this Roark Costa Shirt or this Amundsen Vagabond Cord Fleece in seconds. 

So there you have it, my top picks for the upcoming midsummer celebrations! 

Don’t forget to look at new arrivals, or, if you’re in London, stop by the Covent Garden shop to browse the extended Amundsen range. 

Glad midsommar! (Happy midsummer!)


Jo Johannson is a Nordic Outdoor ambassador with a love for Scandinavian outdoors. Hailing originally from Finland Jo knows better than most the ethos behind many of our favourite brands and along with her partner Mike manages to road test some of our best kit on a regular basis. Interested in seeing more from Jo's adventures? You can follow her on Instagram here