True sustainability as a brand can be achieved in many ways. In previous blogs we have looked at the ways in which many brands achieve this. Be it through recycling or using more ecologically friendly production practices all the brands we stock make an effort to protect our planet. 

Naimakka are no different. The idea for the brand came from a school project up-scaling old parachute cords to make effectively useless waste products into stylish bracelets with a plethora of potential uses.

Carrying on from this idea Naimakka have begun to produce stylish paracord bracelets that could save your life someday.

This isn’t something we say jokingly, we even took the time to list just a few of the wonderful uses of this nifty bit of kit

1.       Building a fire

The essential skill every bush crafter needs to know is how to make a fire in any condition. Anyone who has seen a film in which the protagonist is trapped on a desert island will know how important starting a fire is. It will keep you dry, signal for rescue and you can cook your dinner on it!

Building a fire

Lucky for those of you who don’t keep a multitude of storm proof lighters and flint and steels in your wallet, the paracord bracelet can be used to quickly and efficiently construct an essential fire lighting device. By unravelling the paracord you will have enough cord to fashion yourself a handy bow drill. All you need is some wood, kindling and logs and you can let friction take care of the rest!

2.       Finding Food

Once you have a roaring fire, the next logical step is finding something to roast over it.

Finding food

This is where the Naimakka paracord shows its worth again! Unravelling the cord and carefully separating the threads will provide you with 3 strong, 2.4m nylon threads, perfect for catching yourself a fish! So find yourself some likely looking water, not too deep and not too sunny, tie your line to a firm length of wood with a hook attached to the end (The clasp of the bracelet makes the perfect sinker) then just camp up and wait for those fish to bite!

3.       Basic First Aid

Injuries can happen at the worst of times out in the wild and you never know when disaster can strike. Luckily however with the Naimakka Para Cord bracelet you will be equipped to deal with some cuts and scrapes.

A simple tourniquet can be made with the paracord. This is an easy skill to learn but it could end up saving your life in a pinch!


So there you have it! Three potentially life saving uses for an incredibly versatile item of clothing. We know we’ve probably missed hundreds of uses but are there any big ones you can think of? Let us know on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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