Nordic Outdoor London

Ever since we moved from doing tours of tradeshows around the country and operating out of a flat in Leith we’ve always had a dream of having a Nordic Outdoor store in London. When we moved to bricks and mortar stores, we were quick to establish a base in Scotland’s capital city and it’s from there that our company has grown over the years.

With three shops in Edinburgh and one in the Lake District, we’ve always seen London as the next logical step for us. It’s something we have worked hard at behind the scenes and so we are extremely happy to announce that Nordic Outdoor is now officially up and running in Richmond, London.


Location is a huge consideration when choosing where to set up shop, doubly so In London. Early on in our planning phase we knew that Richmond was the perfect area for Nordic Outdoor. This beautiful part of London is well known for its scenic walks and its wide, green spaces. This is a must for Nordic Outdoor as we preach that time spent in the outdoors is essential!

Our store is perfectly situated at 6 George Street, Richmond. Just a few minutes’ walk from both Old Deer Park and Richmond Green. We’re excited to be a new addition to the Richmond high street and can’t wait to show the people of London more of what we’re about in the coming years.

We’ve always had a lot of support from the Outdoors Community in London and many of our loyal email subscribers and web customers are based in London. We’re glad that now these customers can come into our physical store and learn more about the Nordic Outdoor philosophy and get to know our amazing staff.

What We Do and What You can find in our store

You can find the essence of what Nordic Outdoor is about in our three core tenets; Style, function and sustainability. The items we stock follow these three categorizations closely. Although the brands we stock can and will change, our values will not.

In Nordic Outdoor London we’re proud to say almost everyone will find something they love. From dogwalkers to professional mountaineers Nordic Outdoor has something for everyone. We’re proud to say we stock the brands and items you would expect from an outdoor and camping shop, and many more that you wouldn’t.

Alongside hand forged axes from Gransfors Bruk and the latest in high quality outdoor wear from Fjallraven, you will find the best new styles from brands like Quartz Co and even outdoor accessories for your four legged friends from Ruffwear.

Each Nordic Outdoor shop has developed its own unique feel and speciality over the years. Due to its location in the lake district for example, our Keswick Store has developed into a camping and outdoor wear lovers paradise. Featuring heavily knives from Mora and camping gear from the likes of Primus and Ghillie Kettle the store fits its location perfectly.

Whilst all our Nordic Outdoor stores obviously fit our ethos, they also blend quite well into the areas they are situated in and take the needs of our customers into consideration. Our London store, as before mentioned is designed to be stocked to fit all needs. If you’re planning an expedition to Svalbard and need to stock up on base layers, we’ve got you! Equally if you want to buy a backpack for school that will last you decades, we’ve got the backpack for you. From the grizzliest bushcrafter to the urban professional we pride ourselves on having a little something for everyone. Our helpful staff are always happy to talk about the brands we stock.

Some of the items we stock can seem expensive at first. However, when you buy from Nordic Outdoor you can be assured that it’s a product we genuinely love. The items we stock are both functional and built to last. One of the most important things to consider for us is sustainability. Brands we work with take every measure possible to ensure that the item has been produced in as sustainable a manner as possible. We’ve researched these brands carefully to ensure their commitment to a green future, so our customers don’t need to!


When you leave Nordic Outdoor London, we want you to leave with an item that you need and love. Most importantly however we want you to leave with an idea of why the item is perfectly suited to your needs.


Our Plans for the Future

It’s been all go all over Summer to get the London Store up and running. New stock is arriving every day and we have several new members of the Nordic Outdoor family who are raring to go! Although the shop is open for business and physically ready to go, we still want to start things off properly with an event worthy of the new store.

In the coming weeks we will be preparing the shop front a bit more and consolidating our stock for the new season in store. It will be a time for our new staff members to get used to the Nordic Outdoor philosophy and meet our London based customers old and new.

As soon as the dust has settled however, we’re planning a huge Nordic Outdoor London Opening Event. In the past we’ve worked with some outdoor community legends. We don’t want to give away too much yet, but you can expect some huge names to be there as well as some Swedish snacks and beverages to celebrate.

We’ll be holding events with our friends in our London store all throughout the years to come. To stay abreast of what we’re doing and when you can follow our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive deals and info on all upcoming events.

The Store opening won’t just be cake, beers and adventurers though. We’ll also have some one of a kind offers to give London a great introduction to some of our favourite brands. Pop by for a drink, a chat and update your camping kit!


So there you have it! If you’ve walked past our store and wondered what we’re about you’ve found a quick introduction to Nordic Outdoor London. We’re delighted to be a part of Richmond’s rich retail environment and look forward to the adventure ahead. If you’d like to hear more about what we do you can follow us on Social media, subscribe to our newsletter or head into your nearest Nordic Outdoor shop.