Introducing SAXX Underwear to Nordic Outdoor.

We don’t take big claims lightly here at Nordic Outdoor but we are fairly convinced that we now stock the world’s best underwear. The team at SAXX have spent the past 14 years perfecting the art of men’s boxers to create underwear which they describe as ‘life changing’. By utilising some serious fabric and design innovation into the build of the SAXX underwear they have created the perfect underwear for any active lifestyle to help keep you going all day.

Where did it all begin?

The idea for SAXX goes back to 2006 when the brands founder, Trent Kitsch asked himself the question “why can’t men’s underwear be better?”. The former baseball player pitched (see what we did there) himself this question after a weekend fishing trip trapped in a clammy ocean suit with friction and chafing down below making the whole experience particularly unenjoyable. This is where the SAXX story began as Trent went on a mission to redefine men’s underwear and make a product which utilises technology to provide revolutionary comfort every step of the way.

The innovation which turned Trent’s dream into a reality was the creation of the BallPark Pouch which is now a feature in every pair of SAXX underwear. We can’t confirm or deny whether the concept behind the BallPark Pouch came from Trent’s time as a baseball player but what he essentially invented was a catchers mitt – for your balls. Since this innovation the team at SAXX have gone on to innovate male underwear with a number of different technologies which are seen throughout the SAXX collection and we’ve handpicked some of the most important innovations below.

SAXX Underwear Technology

The BallPark Pouch

This is the innovation which started the SAXX journey and the BallPark pouch can be found in every paid of SAXX underwear. Designed to reduce skin-on-skin friction the 3D hammock-shaped pouch keeps everything separated and everything in the right place.

Constructed with the male anatomy in mind the BallPark Pouch allows for natural support and an extended range of movement. By using breathable mesh panels and ensuring there is no exposed stitching the BallPark Pouch creates a permanent and comfortable divide between your balls and your thighs to stop sticking, discomfort and those awkward repositioning manoeuvres we are all too used to.

Three-D Fit

The range of SAXX underwear aren’t only designed to make sure your balls are comfortable but they’ve been specially designed to ensure they’re comfortable to wear in general. The team at SAXX know you live an active lifestyle and could be hopping over fences and sliding under doors at a moments notice. With this in mind all styles start life with an ergonomic nine-panel construction which creates 3D support around the glutes, thighs, quads and hamstrings.

One of the biggest bug bears people tend to have with their underwear is seams rubbing and chafing when you move. SAXX have positioned the seams which connect each of the nine panels at strategic points to help entirely eliminate chafing at friction points.

Flat Out Seams

Not content with creating one innovation to reduce chafing and friction – SAXX went and came up with another! As they know that chafing is one of the most uncomfortable side affects of being an underwear wearer the team invented their own Flat Out Seams. Counter to the conventional method of flatseam construction the brand have reversed the stitching and then placed the flatter, softer side against the skin. The beauty of this small but important innovation helps even further to eliminate all unwanted chafe, itch and friction.

These three innovations are at the core of all SAXX underwear but as you dive a little further into the collection you will see an array of technological advances designed to make these the most comfortable pants on the planet. Some of the built in tech throughout the SAXX collection includes moisture wicking material, odour resistance, anti-roll waistbands and quick dry technology.


Explore the Styles

Kinetic HD Boxer Briefs

Designed for up-tempo training, cardio and recreational activity the Kinetic HD Boxers incorporates comfort, support and security to help enhance your movement.

With a semi-compression fit the boxers hug the body without being restrictive and the supportive BallPark Pouch delivers increased performance.

Hot Shot Boxer Briefs

Suffer from overheating, out in hot temperatures all day or just sleeping in a stuffy room? – the Hot Shot Boxers are for you. Equipped with SAXX unique DropTemp technology which boosts your bodies natural cooling capacity by wicking the sweat away from the body more quickly than other materials and then spreading the moisture through the fabric to drop the temperature quicker.

The Hot Shot Boxers are a relaxed fit meaning they are form fitting through the back and thighs with a little extra ease at the leg opening.

Daytripper Boxer Briefs

Designed for the man whose everyday lifestyle is an active one. One of the brands most popular styles for everyday use the Daytrippers include all of the technology you’ll have come to expect from SAXX; BallPark Pouch, Three-D Fit, Flat Out Seams and moisture wicking properties.

Much like the Hot Shot Boxers the Daytrippers are a relaxed fit which are form fitting through the back and thighs with a little extra ease at the leg opening.

Quest Boxer Brief

Probably the most popular style in the SAXX collection the Quest Boxer Briefs are created for the guy whose going places. By being constructed from a quick-dry fabric the Quest Boxers will hold their own for any outdoor adventure but still posses the comfort required for all-day, everyday wear.

The Quest Boxers are the only style in our SAXX collection which are slim fitting. Form-fitting around the butt and thighs the Quest features a fly for easy access. The Quest is also the only style in out current collection which is available in some of the brands iconic bold printed designs.


So are these Boxers Life Changing?

Yes. The team at Nordic Outdoor were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to be guinea pigs for the SAXX underwear before we brought them in-store and the smiles around the office have increase ten-fold since wearing SAXX underwear.

Don’t take our word for it though, pick up a pair of SAXX underwear online or instore today and we’re pretty confident you’ll never go back to clammy, itchy, sweaty boxers again.



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