Summer is just around the corner which means more chance of nicer weather, longer nights and ample opportunity for fun outside. To help give you an insight into some of the products we stock, and why we are big fans of them ourselves, Daniel and I are going to share our top 5 picks for summer over the next two weeks. First up, it’s me, Jen.

Fjällräven - Abisko Trekking Trousers

These trousers are epic and I’ve started with them because they are my ultimate favourite, no saving the best for last here! They are super comfortable thanks to their lightweight material and stretch panels in all the right places! The areas most exposed feature G-1000 Lite for added protection and durability, but they are still really breathable - great for keeping you cool when hiking in summer. I wore them up the Scottish hills a couple of weeks ago when the weather was typically Scottish – 4 seasons in one day. We got stuck in some pretty heavy rain and everyone got soaked but luckily the rain didn’t last long. After 10 minutes of sun and slight breeze, my trousers were dry and it was as if it had never rained…my friends were pretty jealous as they stomped around in their soggy trousers for the rest of the afternoon. I also discovered how useful the vent zips on the sides of each leg are when I wore them hiking last weekend in some unusually tropical, Scottish heat. Those guys at Fjällräven have thought of everything.

Primus - Lite & Stove

A great wee friend for weekends away and life on the road. Many super noodles and cups of teas have been enjoyed in some of the most stunning locations thanks to this wee guy. It is super handy as the gas (100g) and hob mechanism fit snuggly in to the cup. It also boils water in just over 2 minutes.

Skandinavisk Hemslofd - Large Cup

Traditionally crafted and used by the Sami people of Northern Scandinavia, these handmade gems are the perfect size for a nip of whisky -which makes them my perfect companion for a hill walk. Not much beats hiking, and preferably a bit of scrambling, up a Scottish hill and then rewarding yourself with a warming nip of whisky at the (often cold and windy) top. Serving that nip of whisky in one of these wooden cups is just the icing on the cake and a nice way to share it with your fellow hikers.

Fjällräven - Abisko Hike Backpack

I like to be well prepared when out adventuring, even if I am only going for a day hike because you never know what might happen. The weather in Scotland is often changeable so you need to take a few different clothing options with you. I usually take a few layers, lunch, water, torches, batteries, a compass, a map, a first aid kit and of course a wee nip of whisky. So, a good and comfortable backpack is essential for carrying all these things and this one is a good one. It can carry up to 35L, has loads of nifty pockets and is made with waxed G1000 Eco and G1000 Heavy Duty Eco fabric, making it super durable. The arm, chest and waist straps can all be adjusted allowing you to make the backpack fit you comfortably.  

Light My Fire - Fire Lighting Kit

I am cheating a wee bit here as technically there are three different items included which can all be bought separately, but they are available as a kit and they are all ace so I say it is allowed. The ‘Light My Fire’ Firesteel makes lighting fires easy in any situation, it also makes you look pretty kick ass when doing so. The kit also includes a stick of Tinder, Light My Fire’s first ever product. A few shavings of this and a spark from the firesteel and you are go go go. The Grandpas Fire Fork, which is also included in this kit, is great fun for cooking with – you simply pop it on a stick and it will grab anything from sausages to marshmallows. Winner winner “campfire” dinner.

Tune in next week to find out what Daniel has chosen and let us know what your favourite summer items are.