Just last week we explored which five outdoor brands were changing the way we looked at Sustainability and then just like magic the Tretorn Sea Level Re-Boot landed on our doorstep at Nordic HQ.

Swedish Outdoor brand Tretorn have long been champions of the environment and since the beginning of 2020 have been working in partnership with Sea Life Trust in a bid to help create healthier oceans.

For Spring Summer 2022 the brand have unveiled their Sea Level Re-Boot which aims to challenge the way we look at climate change and provide a tangible understanding on the effect of rising sea levels. The Sea Level boot is a reinterpretation of one of the brands most iconic styles which has been around in some guise for almost 130 years and has become an instantly recognisable style throughout Scandinavia.

To ensure the statement behind the Sea Level Re-Boot is not just lip service every effort has gone in to carefully selecting the raw materials for production which minimize environmental impact. The Outer Sole and the Upper is constructed from an FSC certified rubber while the interior lining is recycled polyester. One of the most exciting materials used in the boot is tucked away where the eye can’t see, with the insole being made from BLOOM – a unique algae biomass that grows in the ocean and harms its surrounding environments. When BLOOM is harvested and subject to heat and pressure it undergoes a plasticization process which makes it suitable for use as a raw material.

“The climate crisis is very real, but sometimes its’ effects can be hard to visualize. With Sea Level Re-Boot, we both have a way to highlight the very concrete effects of climate change, but also to inspire people to take action”, - Erica Hyttfors, Head of CSR and product development at Tretorn.

 The Key message behind the Tretorn Sea Level boot is the impact rising sea levels will have on the world around us. To try and visualise this point the Re-Boot features a measuring stick on the heel which showcases the level of sea level rise over every decade. With water levels predicted to rise globally by 26cm by 2050 the message is clear – if changes aren’t made now then these boots won’t keep you dry by 2060.

Here at Nordic Outdoor we truly believe in using the outdoor to create a more sustainable future and actively encourage our customers to consider the environmental impact of all their purchases. Everything we stock in store has been considered for it’s sustainability credentials and our goal is to take the friction out of making a sustainable purchase choice. As the Tretorn Sea Level Re-Boot is such an important message and perfectly showcases the problems we are facing without real change we are delighted to be the exclusive retailer for this style in the UK.


The Tretorn Sea Level Re-Boot is now available instore and online at Nordic Outdoor. You can shop the style here and shop all of the latest arrivals from Tretorn online now.