Autumn is a beautiful time of year to be outdoors. It is a time of change when the leaves slowly turn to a mix of gold and red while a gentle chill starts to flow through the air. Everything feels fresh and crisp. I love being outside during this time of year and experiencing these changes first hand but it can be tricky to know what to wear when the weather is turning and is so unpredictable. That’s why we believe layers and a backpack will be your best friends this autumn.

Aclima De Marius

Layers are a good idea all year round for activities like hiking because the weather can change so suddenly and drastically up in the hills, especially in Scotland. During autumn, this unpredictability spreads its way down to greet us, making layers a useful everyday friend when out in the park or even in the city. The idea of layering when dressing for the outdoors is rooted in Scandinavian culture and the reason is simple, it allows you to adapt your clothing to what you are doing and to the changing weather, ensuring you enjoy yourself outdoors without any discomfort.

So, what are these layers? Good things come in threes and this is reflected in the Scandinavian approach to layering. It is essential to have a base layer that wicks away any moisture from your skin as this keeps you dry. A mid layer will keep you warm and absorb the moisture from the base layer and lastly, an outer layer will protect you from the elements.

We are strong advocates for wool layers, especially as a base layer and a mid layer. Wool is excellent at regulating body temperature, both in warm and cold weather. It also insulates really well when wet and it doesn’t absorb any body odour which is always a plus. It is best to make sure that the base layer is tight fitting to your skin for optimum performance.

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Aclima wool layers

I went for a forest walk the other day and the weather was warm but drizzly. It is on days like this that you really notice the magical properties of wool. Even though it was wet weather, I found myself wanting only to wear my wool layer because It was warm and I was active. I remained dry and cool because the material was breathable and the slight breeze would blow any moisture from my skin through the top. I walked past some sheep and thought to myself, it makes sense – if they don’t need any other gear on top in this weather why would I?

The outer layer is what protects you from the weather. A thin shell, like the Fjallraven Bergtagen Shell, is something that you can easily carry with you and pop on top of your layers when you need some extra protection from wind and other elements. When paired with the right layers underneath, it could also see you through the winter as well.

Aclima WarmWool

Since autumn weather is so changeable, you won’t need to be wearing all your layers all the time, so a good comfortable backpack will allow you to carry your essentials with you.  Lastly, don’t forget to apply the same layering principle to your hands and feet. Base layers are just as important there.

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