The great outdoors is where many us experienced our first adventures and learnt about the wonders of nature. Here at Nordic Outdoor, we love adventure and all the amazing gear that comes along with it. If you’re reading this post, chances are you do too.

The outdoor industry is huge and there is so much amazing gear to choose from. However, it is so easy to forget about the major impact that the fast fashion industry and the outdoor industry have on the environment. We love companies that realise this and know that it is their responsibility to help reduce their carbon footprint. Houdini Sportswear does just that.

Houdini Sportswear

Houdini was founded in 1993 by Lotta Giornofelice when she discovered stretch fleece while she was out on an adventure in New Zealand. At the time, stretch fleece was virtually unknown. This exciting new fabric inspired Lotta to start small scale production of technical base layers. From then, her company quickly gained popularity among the mountaineering community. However, clothing wasn’t the only reason Houdini gained so much attention. The company was run by women, and in an industry almost entirely dominated by men, it made an impact.   

Houdini Sportswear

From the very beginning, Houdini has always loved to push the boundaries of the status quo and challenge the norm. This has led to some amazing ideas and designs. For example, they took fleece, a material known for being functional not attractive, and completely redesigned it. This led them to successfully creating stylish yet functional clothing for outdoor and active lifestyles. 

Houdini Power HoudiHoudini Power Houdi

Houdini don’t just create clothing for the sake of it. Sustainably is important and is the central component of everything they do. Therefore, before any Houdini products are created, they go through a thorough design check and are reviewed closely. If they don’t pass the design check, they are never brought to life: meaning no unnecessary products are created. That way, when one of the fantastic garments is created, you can be sure it is sustainable, versatile, durable, and an excellent choice for a lifelong adventure companion.

Houdini Sportswear

As you probably know, one of the easiest ways to decrease the damage caused to the environment is to use our belongings for as long as possible. Therefore, Houdini offers repair services in their stores and even has recycling points available in their stores for when your Houdini garments are completely worn out. 

Houdini Sportswear

You might be wondering what materials are used to make these highly durable and sustainable products. Houdini creates products from a variety of amazing materials, one of which is wool. As most of you know, wool is a fantastic material for outdoor clothing. Houdini has created an outstanding fabric called Airborn SilkMerino using two natural materials: wool and silk. This makes the fabric organic, renewable and biodegradable. Since the creation of Airborn SilkMerino, they have found other natural ingredients that work fantastically with wool, such as Tencel. This lead to the creation of Activist TreeMerino™, another biodegradable and sustainable fabric!

Houdini Activist TeeHoudini Phantom Houdi

Overall, we can see that Houdini has gone to extreme lengths to reduce their carbon footprint. They want to teach people to go out and enjoy the wonders of nature, without leaving behind a negative impact. They have everything from Eco-Friendly stores, second hand garment sales and shell garments rentals. (Nordic Outdoor currently do not offer such services, if you are interested we suggest you contact Houdini Directly. ) So, next time you are thinking of adding items to your outdoor clothing collection, take a second to think about the impact to the environment that was caused to create those items.

Remember, Houdini wants you to feel comfortable about buying their products and know that they are also environmentally sustainable.

As you know, all the brands and products we stock are carefully selected by our Manging Director. We love brands that have sustainability in mind. Take a look at our other products here.

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