Our range of Kamik Womens Boots

Kamik Women’s boots have a diverse range. From wool lined boots such as the Simona Mid to keep your feet extra warm during the colder months, to high top boots such as the Sienna 3. Kamik incorporate fashion into their functional boots with tartan in all colours being a favourite for them through boots such as the Sienna 2.  

Kamik was founded in 1898 in Montreal, they initially started with only focusing on functionality as this was a time before cars, so a good pair of boots was a need. They have more recently began to make boots which incorporate fashion, while retaining their earlier knowledge of functionality allows them to create these highly practical good-looking Boots. Kamik keeps most of their production within their region with 70% of their products being made in North America with Canadian and imported materials. This allows them to save on transport emission, but they also reuse as much of their source material as possible and invest in a recycling program which allows them to make some boots 100% recyclable.  

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