Sealskinz is a British brand that’s been trying to keep adventurers dry for over 25 years. They believe that accessories are often an overlooked area within clothing and believe that this shouldn’t be the case. The brand works with high performance athletes such as cyclists, skiers, adventurers and sailors in order to ensure that every product is at the highest level it can be and so no stone is left unturned in terms of features. In recent years the brand has widened their skills to prevent more than just water from getting to you but also mud, snow, sand and dirt.  

Sealskinz makes products for both men and women and use materials such as AQUASEALZ which is both breathable while still being waterproof and featured in the Starston sock. Also, Hydrostop which is designed to prevent liquid from seeping into the sock through, for instance the top of the socks and is featured in the Runton. Through this we can see that the brand aims to stop water no matter where it comes from and keep you dry no matter the situation. Additionally, they also produce gloves and hats where of course there is waterproof products such as the Langham and Drayton but also many other unique features such as insulated gloves to cargo holding beanies.  

Sealskinz makes all their waterproof socks in the UK and some gloves, with the rest of the products still being made in the EU.  

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