Teva Sandals

While Teva may be a new brand to Nordic Outdoor they’re certainly not new in the sandals industry with them celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. While some may not have heard of them you definitely know their style, as they were the first to create the universal strapping system seen on many sandals today. Awarded one of the top 100 “Most influential brands of all time” by outdoor magazine if you don’t know, get to know them with sandals such as the Hurrican XLT 2 and Midform Universal. 
Teva was created in 1984 by a river guide in the Grand Canyon who was frustrated with current sandals which would fall off and float away on the water. He fashioned a new pair by attaching two Velcro watchbands in order to keep them sturdy on feet. In 1987 the founder patented the first universal strapping system for a sandal and not long after the brand took off reaching worldwide recognisability. 
In recent times the brand has had a revival bringing back previously loved pairs and designs such as the 00’s Hurricane XLT2 Revive and 80’s Original Sandal Revive. Within the brand they accommodate to all from women’s pairs to men’s meaning there is a sandal for all and us at Nordic Outdoor are happy to join the family of stockists for Teva Sandals in the UK and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the brand.  

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