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Eldfell size 9 Pro Stove

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Tentipi Eldfell Pro 9 Stove

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The "natural heart" of the Nordic Tipi. The Tentipi Eldfell 9 Pro Stove is an efficient and very well constructed stove designed to create a pleasant warm atmosphere within the Tipi. Allowing you to heat the interior, cook dinner and dry off wet clothing. The Eldfell Pro makes the outdoors accessible in all four seasons, enhancing your time out doors. This model is designed to fit the size 9 Tentipi range.

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Banish the damp and cold and create a warm, cosy atmosphere, dry clothes, cook food - basically, enjoy your home comforts with the Tentipi Eldfell Pro Stove!

A prototype of Eldfell Pro was an essential and much appreciated member of the demanding Swedish expedition to Siberia in 2004-2005, called "the world's coldest journey".

With its ingenious design where all parts fit inside the combustion chamber, its efficient heat transmission, low weight and easy handling, Eldfell is the natural heart of the Nordic tipi and a faithful friend in cold and damp conditions.

Whereas simple stoves release more of their heat through the chimney, the advanced design of Eldfell means combustion takes place nearer the ground, creating more heat inside the Nordic tipi, providing more effective heat for cooking and reducing wood consumption. The combustion chamber is spacious and about 50 cm long. All parts apart from the chimney are fixed to the stove, making assembly easier and minimising the risk of losing any parts.


All technical features have been designed to fulfil demands for low weight, good functioning and strength. The egg shape makes the stove strong and protects this light construction from dents. The lightweight stainless steel grate resists heat well without making the stove heavy. In order not to sink down into the snow, the legs have notches so they can be placed on poles. Points that are normally weak, e.g. the leg holders, have been heavily reinforced. The bottom has been welded in one piece so that no sparks can fall through when the hatch is closed. The chimney has a wide diameter which is important for making combustion take place as low down in the stove as possible. This makes it more efficient. The chimney sections can be packed inside each other and therefore, despite their wide diameter, they fit inside the combustion chamber for transportation. The extendable insulation pipe protects the tent fabric even in strong winds or if the snow under the stove sinks down a little. The spark arrester protects both the tent fabric and the surrounding area. Exceptional construction; one of the lightest and best functioning tent stoves available. Does not even require maintenance! Delivered in a sturdy, fitted plywood box. Made of stainless steel, making the stove maintenance-free and extremely durable.

Key features

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Everything fits inside the combustion chamber
  • Low weight
  • Cooking facility
  • Very safe
  • Stands on snow
  • Takes long, thick logs
  • No loose small parts