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Gransfors Bruk Swedish Draw Knife

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Gransfors Bruk Swedish Draw Knife


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The Swedish Draw Knife from Gransfors Bruk is designed to give maximum cutting/planing performance when debarking and/or shaping logs. Designed for two handed use, the protruding handles allow a lot of power in each stroke. Making using this draw knife easy and efficient.
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The Gransfors Bruk Swedish Draw Knife is forged into an arch and is meant to be used with both hands for maximum effectiveness. The draw Knife is used mainly for debarking and shaping logs. The protruding handles allow the user to get plenty of power behind each stroke. The knife glides over the timber, with the angle adjusted by hand for the desired planing effect. The Draw Knife can also be angled more sharply for more of a cutting action. Total length: 64 cm Face: 32 cm Weight: 0.8 kg