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Hilleberg Hilleberg Tarp


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Not just for use on its own! The Hilleberg Tarp UL can also add a new dimension to tent camping: Pitch a tarp over the tent's entrance, and you have a breezy patio, or build a tarp kitchen away from your campsite for greater safety in bear country. The Hilleberg Tarp 10 UL is a lighter weight alternative to tent camping.

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The most basic shelter solution: light, simple, and remarkably versatile. The Hilleberg Tarp 10 UL provides essential weather protection but still allows you to feel fully "outdoors". Indeed, there are those who prefer tarp camping, in all weather conditions, precisely because of that feeling. And how much of that "feeling" you indulge in is up to you, since our tarp's "shape" is limited only by imagination and pitching materials. Combine a tarp with our Bivanorak, and you get remarkable weather protection at an incredibly low weight. A Tarp 10 over a tent provides extra sun protection and creates a great back-country porch! Construction; The tarp has rings and long lines with line runners tied on. Stuff bag is sewn on to the tarp. Fabric: Kerlon 1200 with a tear strength of approximately 10 kg. Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.9 m Weight: 750g Poles not included!