Hilleberg Nallo 2 Size Guide

The Hilleberg Nallo and Nallo GT are the ideal all-around, all-season, ultralight two-man tents. In essence, the Nallo and its extended vestibule version, the Nallo GT, are the ultralight versions of the Nammatj and Nammatj GT. They excel in any situation where the lightest possible tent is needed, but where true all season strength and reliability might be required.

Both tents are of tunnel tent design and ultra light weight making them ideal for mobile adventures, where you move your tent every day. Their exceptional weight to space ratio makes them perfect for long distance endeavours where light weight is a greater priority than absolute strength. They are built using ultralight Kerlon 1200 which has a 12 kilo tear strength making these tents suitable for exposed and/or above tree line use in all seasons. Although this lighter fabric doesn’t have the same strength as the Nallo’s Nammatj cousins, it is an order of magnitude stronger even than most so-called "expedition grade" fabrics, and so is easily robust enough to handle adverse situations well.



Pitching Instructions


Hilleberg Label - Red

The Hilleberg Red label tents are true four season tents. The difference from the Black label tents is that in the production of these tents, a higher importance is placed on making the tents weigh less while still being dependable in all situations. In other words, they are designed to be lighter than, and nearly as adaptable as, the Black label tents.

To achieve lower weight some of the Red label tents have different length poles which makes the tent lighter, but not quite as easy to put up as the Black label and Red labels tents that have uniform length poles. The outer material, zips, and pegs are also lighter weight than in the Black label tents.

These tents are ideal for use all year round in less exposed mountain terrain, forest areas and similar. Since they can still handle storm conditions to a certain extent, some experienced users still take them on demanding expeditions – knowing that there is a trade-off between strength and low weight.