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Hilleberg Nallo 4 GT

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Hilleberg Nallo 4 GT


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A lightweight 4 person tent, the Hilleberg Nallo 4 GT offers a good amount of space with hardly any weight penalty. Making it an ideal choice for family back packing trips, people that take their dogs camping and even for those off back packing around the world.

A versatile tent with an extended vestibule for storing boots, packs and other equipment. Leaving the sleeping area clutter free for maximum space and comfort!

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The Hilleberg Nallo and Nallo GT are the ideal all-around, all-season, ultralight tents. In essence, the Nallo and its extended vestibule version, the Nallo GT, are the ultralight versions of the Nammatj and Nammatj GT. They excel in any situation where the lightest possible tent is needed, but where true all season strength and reliability might be required.

Both tents are of tunnel tent design and ultra light weight make them ideal for mobile adventures, where you move your tent every day. And, because of their exceptional weight to space ratio, they are perfect for long distance endeavours where light weight is a greater priority than absolute strength. Certainly, they are suitable for exposed and/or above tree line use in all seasons, but because they are built using our ultralight Kerlon 1200, 9 mm poles, and lighter gauge zippers, they do not have the same strength as their Nammatj cousins.

That said, Kerlon 1200, with its 12 kilo tear strength, is an order of magnitude stronger even than most so-called "expedition grade" fabrics, and so is easily robust enough to handle adverse situations well. The Nallo and the Nallo GTs salient characteristic may be their ultra light weight, but both are still fully able to handle all season, all weather adventures. This explains why these tents are the first choice of those needing the lightest weight tents that still offer all-season, all weather functionality. This includes wilderness photographers, professional climbers, hunters, and other adventurers who have to carry large amounts of gear, as well as long distance hikers, who want to get more out of carrying less.

Globe-trotting trekkers often carry the Nallo, as it ensures they will have private accommodations wherever they go, and solo hikers love having near-palatial space without any real weight penalty. Families with younger children and those who hike with their dogs love the extra space - and, of course, the ultra light weight - the Nallo GT has to offer.


  • Minimum Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Packed Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Pole Dimensions: 0.9 x 368 cm and 0.9 x 328 cm
  • Pegs: 20 x V Pegs
  • Includes free Hilleberg Nallo 4 GT Footprint! (Add footprint separately).

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