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Hilleberg Tarp XP 10

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Hilleberg Tarp XP 10

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Not just for use on its own! The Hilleberg Tarp XP can also add a new dimension to tent camping: Pitch a tarp over the tent's entrance, and you have a breezy patio, or build a tarp kitchen away from your campsite for greater safety in bear country.
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The most basic shelter solution: light, simple and remarkably versatile. A tarp provides essential weather protection but still allows you to feel fully outdoors. Indeed, there are those who prefer tarp camping, in all weather conditions, precisely because of that feeling. And how much of that feeling you indulge in is up to you, since our tarps shape is limited only by imagination and pitching materials. Combine a tarp with our Bivanorak, and you get remarkable weather protection at an incredibly low weight. Colors: green Dimensions: 3,5 m x 2,9 m Fabric: Kerlon SP