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Tentipi Inner Tent Base 5

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Tentipi Inner Tent Base 5


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Offering greater protection from insects and condensation the Tentipi Inner Tent Base, designed for use with any Tentipi tent, offers greater comfort and better heat distribution.

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The Tentipi Inner Tent Base, is one of a selection of inner tents available for Tentipi tents. Tentipi inner tents are available in three grades; Base, Comfort and Pro. Any grade of inner tent can be used with any of our tent models size 5, 7 and 9.

Tentipi Nordic tipis have been designed to function well even without an inner-tent. Nevertheless, an inner-tent does provide a number of advantages:

  • Gives protection against condensation which is especially important for Nordic tipis made of lightweight material. Condensation caused by ground dampness is eliminated because the floor covers the entire ground area of the tent.
  • Heat is distributed more evenly when retained by double tent fabrics.
  • More reliable protection against insects.

Key Features

  • Ventilation - Closable insect net over the smoke opening; fits tight around the middle pole. Three fresh air intakes are built into the inner-tent. This guarantees the best possible ventilation on hot and sunny mornings and days, even when the air is full of mosquitoes.
  • Net roof holder - Reduces the risk of damaging the net when using a stove or open fire.
  • Fabric - The walls are made of light, strong, high-tenacity Teflon impregnated rip stop fabric which is much stronger than the material used in standard fabrics.

The Inner-tent Base has a curved zip and a sewn-in Floor Comfort, but without any zips. It is not possible to have a fire inside an Inner Tent Base.