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Aclima Mens WW Long Pants


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Close fitting long pants for sports activity during cold conditions in soft 200g merino wool. Aclima WarmWool Men's Long Pants should be worn as underwear when trekking, skiing, canoeing, playing golf or running.

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The perfect underwear for sports activity in cold conditions! Aclima Warmool Men's Long Pants have excellent moisture wicking properties thanks to their merino wool construction. These pants will still keep you warm even when wet.

WarmWool is Aclima's most popular range and the warmest for its weight. Total Easy Care (TEC) treated which makes the garment even softer and allows tumble dry. Wool products stay warm even when wet because the wool fibre contains 80% air. Another advantage is that body odour will not enter the garment.

In addition they are 100% recyclable and are made fully according to Norwegian traditions. These shorts are thermal underwear for sport, work and leisure in a cold climate. Designed to keep you at one with nature.

Made from 200g soft merino wool.