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Our New Arrivals

Explore our collection of New Arrivals and discover the perfect outdoor gear for you. Ranging from outdoor jackets and trousers to outdoor backpacks and equipment. Get ready for any adventure with amazing gear from brands such as Fjallraven, Didrkisons, and Aclima

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Fjallraven Mens Forever Nature T-Shirt

Comfortable organic cotton t-shirt with a Fjallraven print on the front

Houdini Womens Liquid Rock Shorts

Light enough for the beach. Strong enough for the crag. Bring the light, quick drying and durable Liquid Rock Shorts and you will stay comfortable on any adventure.

The Houdini design department often say that we design wearable multi tools. We believe in a minimalist lifestyle, with more adventures and smaller suitcases. The Liquid Rock Shorts are designed to be versatile enough for everything from climbing or hiking to biking or just hang out on the beach.

The secret is the combination of a timeless design and the Liquid Rock fabric. It’s a blend of 58% polyamide, 36% recycled polyamide and 6% elastane. It’s super light, soft and stretchy, yet incredibly strong. It can take years of bouldering or kayaking and still look as good as new. It also has a natural sun protection of UPF 50+.

Liquid Rock Shorts is a perfect choice if you can’t really choose which shorts you need. They work for any summer adventure and will last many years.


Houdini Womans Way to Go Pants

Classic 5-pocket pants with hidden superpowers. Designed from classic denim jeans, but made in stretchy, quick drying recycled polyester. Durable pants for everyday use, hiking or climbing. There are certain design archetypes in clothing. Classic garments that never go out of style. We have made a technical interpretation of the classic 5-pocket denim jeans. The timeless qualities of the design archetype combined with the enhanced comfort of the technical fabrics make a pair of pants that will last a long time. In the Way To Go Pants, we have used a 36% recycled polyester fabric called Metropolis Stretch Twill. It’s dirt- and abrasion resistant as well as extremely durable. The fabric has a peached finish that give the garment a beautiful dull surface. The pants have a hidden zippered pocket in the back hem as well as the classic five jeans pockets. The Way To Go Pants are the Clark Kent of everyday pants. A classic look with hidden superpowers. It’s a good fit if you are looking for a pair of tough pants for an active life.

Houdini Womens Skort

The Houdini Skort made from a lightweight a stretchy, fast drying fabric making it comfortable to wear on a hot summers day.

Amundsen Sports AS Mens Roamer Anorak

Top summer anorak from Amundsen Sports. With full wind protection, water resistance and an interesting fabric face that provides both comfort and silence whilst you hike in the wilderness. This jacket really does leave you with a relaxed mental space whilst you listen to the earth breathing,

Houdini Mens Way to Go Pants

Slim fit Stretchy Quick drying Dirt and abrasion resistant Safety internal pocket Made from 38% recycled fibers Bluesign® approved fabric

Houdini Womens Activist Tee

Regular fit
Renewable and biodegradable fibres
Circular product lifecycle
Natural anti-odor performance
Cap sleeve for better movement
Effective moisture management
Softer than plain merino
Back drop


Amundsen Sports AS Womens Roamer Anorak

Top summer anorak from Amundsen Sports. With full wind protection, water resistance and an interesting fabric face that provides both comfort and silence whilst you hike in the wilderness. This jacket really does leave you with a relaxed mental space so you listen to the earth breathing in the outdoors,

Amundsen Sports AS Skauen Gaiters

The Amundsen Sports Skauen Gaiters are an ideal if you're looking for something you can use all year round for all kinds of outdoor activities.  


Houdini Womens Dynamic Tee

Ultimate freedom of movement. That was the goal when making this t-shirt for high performance activities. The athletic fit, seam placement and the mechanical stretch of the Dynamic Tee will give you a full range of motion and not hold you back from anything.

When creating the Dynamic Tee, the Houdini design department set out to make a garment that flows with your body as naturally as if it was your very own skin.

Panels under the arms and shoulder seams moved from the top of the shoulder to the back creates a more natural stretch and an unlimited freedom of movement. It’s made in an ultra light and quick-drying polyester fabric. To avoid bad smell, the garment is treated with a natural environmentally friendly anti-odor treatment called pH-pure. The t-shirt is also completely recyclable.

The Dynamic Tee is a great fit whether you are wearing it on your kayaking trip, long run through the city or hiking adventure in the mountains. The performance abilities and the slim, athletic fit works for any high intensity activity.

This product is recyclable and we kindly ask you to return it to us when it’s completely worn out. We have recycle units in all our own stores and many retailers.


Houdini Mens Lana Jacket

Regular fit Made in 100% merino wool Naturally wind- and water resistant Soft and silent Highly breathable 2-way front zip Hand and inner chest pockets Circular: Made from renewable and biodegradable fibers Designed with Made to Move

Houdini Womens Desoli Hipsters

The technology behind Desoli Zip is based on a simple concept - Let nature do the work. It’s a 100% merino wool base layer that will provide extra warmth all year around. Works perfectly for skiing, hiking, climbing or everyday adventures.

The Houdini design department has spent years looking for the right material in 100% merino wool. It’s not easy to find a fabric that deliver to our standards for performance, quality and sustainability. After many meeting of fabric stroking, many prototypes and extensive field testing, we finally landed on the fabric Solid Merino.

It’s a super fine 100% merino wool fabric from Australia. Guaranteed mulesing free. We never mix wool and synthetics. The reason is that we now have a completely circular product: Renewable and both biodegradable and recyclable. Solid Merino provides all the benefits of pure merino wool. It’s naturally odor resistant, keeps you warm even when it’s wet and has a cool feeling against the skin when it’s hot outside. The fit is slim and slightly longer for extra comfort.

The Desoli Zip will keep you warm on the mountain, in the city and anywhere in between. It works perfectly for skiing, bicycle commuting, climbing or hiking. The Desoli wool series comes in zip, crew, tee, tights and underwear. Find your favorites and mix and match.


Houdini Womens Dynamic Hipster

Don’t underestimate the power of functional underwear. These tight fitting hipsters in soft, light and extremely quick drying polyester will keep you comfortable on all your adventures. The idea is to let you direct your full focus on biking, running, hiking or climbing, not your underwear.

Wearing the right underwear can do wonders for your outdoor experiences. When we dress for adventures we tend to focus on the big garments and sometimes forget the small ones. Having the right underwear will do wonders for your sense of comfort, especially during high intensity activities like running, climbing, biking or hiking.

The Dynamic Hipsters are tight fitting hipsters in Dynamic Jersey, a soft, light and extremely quick drying polyester fabric. The garment is treated with pH-pure, a natural and environmentally friendly anti-odor treatment. The seams are placed in non friction areas and there is a small, hidden elastic in the waist.

When Houdini was founded almost 25 years ago, we made underwear for mountaineering. They looked very different from the Dynamic Hipsters, but the idea is the same. When you go out on an adventure feeling comfortable all the way from the skin, your kick-ass-level will increase dramatically.


Houdini Mens Outright Houdi

The Outright Houdi works well for hiking, biking, running and for everyday wear.

Houdini Womens Outright Houdi

Select Colour and Size to see Sale Price - AW18 Cloudy Blue currently reduced

The Outright Houdi works well for hiking, biking, running and for everyday wear.


Houdini Mens Phantom Houdi

The Houdini Phantom Houdi is a lightweight base layer hoodie for high intensity activities.

Houdini Mens Activist Message Tee

The Houdini Activist T-shirt can easily be worn out to lunch with your friends, as well as out hiking or running in the great outdoors.

Houdini Mens Activist Tee

The Houdini Activist T-shirt can easily be worn out to lunch with your friends, as well as out hiking or running in the great outdoors.

Houdini Mens Dynamic Tee

The Men's Dynamic Tee by Houdini is a light weight t-shirt that is great for high-intensity activities

Light My Fire Bio Spork N Straw Bio

The made in Sweden Light My Fire Spork’n Straw BIO set is the sustainable choice for meals on the go. It’s compact design fits in a purse or a pack making it easy to bring with you. The Restraw uses an oval shape for easy gripping with a large diameter for easy cleaning and for drinking thicker liquids. Our Spork Original is a spoon, fork, knife combo utensil that makes disposable cutlery a thing of the past. Both items use Biobased plastics that are BPA-free for safe use. Additionally, this kit is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Houdini Womens Power Jacket

Long time Houdini classic loved and tested for over a decade. Timeless aesthetics and performance technology brought together in a high collar fleece jacket. Made in Power Stretch Pro from Polartec, with a smooth durable face and warm, cozy inside. The goal of the Houdini design team is not to create the latest news. It’s to make garments that never become old. The Power Jacket was launched over a decade ago and has remained virtually unchanged. Some items simply don’t need to be replaced. We have tested many fleece fabrics over the years, but never one better than Power Stretch Pro from Polartec. It has an extremely durable nylon face and a soft and cozy inside. The extended sleeves with thumb loops and high tight fitting collar will keep you extra comfy on cold days. The Power Jacket is a real work horse. You can wear it as insulation underneath a shell jacket or just on its own. It’s designed for use all year around and will last for many years to come.

Houdini Womens Phantom Houdi

Moisture wicking
Quick drying
Very durable
Sleeves with thumb loops
Drawcord at bottom hem
Seams in non-friction areas
pH-Pure anti odor treatment
Partly made from recycled fibers
Fully recyclable


Houdini Womens Daybreak Pullover

Minimalistic hybrid between shirt and jacket. Wear Daybreak Pullover as a light windbreaker or midlayer all year around. The durable and stretchy fabric is perfectly suited for activities like biking, climbing or hiking.

The idea is minimalist design is that freedom grows with reduction. When a product is not designed specifically one purpose, you can use it for just about anything. The Houdini team use Daybreak Pullover for kayaking, trekking, bike commuting and climbing to name a few things.

It’s easy to fall in love with the fabric of Daybreak Pullover. It’s a stretchy and tough polyester fabric called Prime Ripstop™. It’s made from 38% recycled fibers and is completely recyclable. It blocks out most of the wind, but still has a very comfortable breathability.

The fabric has a matte cargo-like texture, but is a lot lighter and more technical than it looks. It has a natural stretch and dries very quickly thanks to the polyester fiber. The jacket has a collar that you can fold up for wind protection and a zippered kangaroo pocket with inside cell phone pocket.

All in all, it’s a very versatile garment and we can recommend it to anyone that wants a light windbreaker to use for a variety of activities. The garment is fully recyclable and we kindly ask you to return it to us when it’s completely worn out


The Art of Fire

Fire can fascinate, inspire, capture the imagination and bring families and communities together. The Art of Fire is a perfect book to learn the finer points of making camp fires. The ability to quickly start a fire can literally save your life and the Art of Fire is the only book you will need to learn how to start fires in a wide range of scenarios.

Light My Fire Bio ReStraw Bio

ReStraw Bio

Light My Fire Bio Salt and Pepper Plus Bio

Spice it up! Bring your three favorite spices wherever you go. 

The Light My Fire Salt & Pepper Plus BIO spice shakers is the missing ingredient to any backcountry cooking. It can carry three different spices in one airtight and shock resistant compartment. The rubber gaskets ensure that your salt, pepper, and spices stay fresh. It can also nest inside the Light My Fire SnapBox Original for ultimate portability. Lastly, it utilizes environmentally friendly Biobased plastics that are 100% BPA free and dishwasher safe. 


Light My Fire Bio CuttingBoard Plus Bio

The ultimate cutting board combo for cooking on the go. 

The made in Sweden Light My Fire Cutting Board Plus BIO is the ultimate cutting board combo for cooking on the go. It is not only a cutting board, but it also works as a strainer for those camping pasta feeds. This makes for a super versatile piece of camping cookware. This portable cutting board is made from Biobased plastics that are BPA-free.  It is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. You can also carry it inside the MealKit or LunchKit (sold separately) for ultimate portability and convenience 


Light My Fire Bio Meal Kit 2.0 Bio

All you need to prep and eat a meal outdoors.

Neatly nested together. Designed especially for Light My Fire by Scandinavian designer Joachim Nordwall, the MealKit BIO is a handy all-in-one meal kit. The kit includes 1 lid that functions as a plate (500 ml), 1 deep bottomed bowl that also functions as a plate (900 ml), 1 SnapBox Original (170 ml) food storage container, a SnapBox Oval (320 ml) storage container, 1 Pack-up-Cup (260 ml), 1 cutting board/strainer, and 1 Light My Fire Spork Original. It also includes a harness to keep the kit all together. Tight-fitting, snap-lock lids keep contents inside the waterproof SnapBoxes instead of all over your bag, and the internal measuring lines allow you to bring only what you need. The Pack-up-Cup expands when you are ready for a hot or cold drink and collapses when the meal is over while the versatile cutting board/strainer lets you chop your vegetables and strain the pasta when it’s done cooking. And when dinner is ready, just use the plate and bowl to eat a delicious meal with the Spork original that’s a combo spoon-fork-knife. The beauty of this kit is that it all nests inside itself for a compact and multi-purpose mess kit. Lastly, all components are dishwasher and microwave safe, and are made from Biobased plastics that are 100% BPA-free. This makes the kit versatile to use as a lunchbox for school or work.


Light My Fire Bio SnapBox Original Bio 2Pk

The handy all-purpose box keeps your bits and pieces organized.  
We ourselves can't get enough of our practical little box, and we suspect the same might go for you. So we've made a 2-pack. Two handy little boxes for just about everything you can think of. Tight-fitting snap-lock lids keep contents - and your backpack - safe and sound, while different colors keep you organized.

The boxes are easy to open: just pull the tab. Practical measuring lines inside. Real space savers when not in use, Pack-up-Cup fits inside and they´re stackable.


Light My Fire Bio Grandpas FireFork Bio 2Pk

The Light My Fire Grandpa’s FireFork originated from a company friend who was out camping with a grandson. He took a single length of wire and fashioned it into the most versatile holder we've ever seen. We were inspired by ingenuity of this idea. With it, there’s no need to cut fresh branches. Our Grandpa’s Firefork is made from Bioplastic and a stainless spring steel. The curved points hold everything from marshmallows to hot dogs safely over the fire. Just attach the FireFork to any branch and get cooking.

Light My Fire Bio SnapBox Oval Bio 2Pk

The oval all-purpose box keeps your bits and pieces organized.  

The made in Sweden Light My Fire Snapbox Oval BIO is a handy all-purpose storage container that keeps your items organized. These tough, waterproof boxes work for just about everything anything you can think of from camping food storage to a small parts organizer in the garage, and even for snacks with kids. These boxes feature a tight-fitting snap-lock lid to keep contents safe while extended lid tabs make reopening easy. They also double as measuring cups by having measuring lines on the inside and are stackable into each other when not in use. They are also constructed out of BPA-free Biobased plastics that are dishwasher and microwave safe. Each order of the SnapBox Oval 2-pack will include two 320 ml containers with lids. 


Light My Fire Bio Pack n Eat Kit Bio

Bring some food, drink, and a friend and you’re ready for a happy meal outside. 

Eating is more fun when done outside in nature and with a friend. With the Light My Fire Pack’n EatKit BIO, that is easy to do. Each piece stacks and packs up neatly and securely. This mess kit includes two high-edged plate, one of which functions as the lid, and one that functions as deep bottomed bowl along with a harness that ensures everything inside the container stays where it should. This kit also includes two Pack-Up-Cup that can be used for both hot and cold drinks. To round out the kit, we include 2 Spork Originals that is our iconic spoon-fork-knife combo. Forget about disposable kitchenware, use the reusable Pack’n EatKit. Not only is it more environmentally friendly to do so but they are also made from Biobased plastics that are 100% BPA-free that are dishwasher and microwave safe.  


Light My Fire Bio StackPlate Bio

The only plate you’ll ever need. Here´s four, stackable and with an edge.

The made in Sweden Light My Fire StackPlate BIO is a portable plate to bring with you camping or for a picnic. Each plate fits snugly into the other, which means the whole stack takes up very little space. The triangular shape and high edge of the plate makes them versatile for any type of dish. Their durability also makes them useful to use with kids. They also utilize 100% BPA free and Biobased plastics made of sugar cane and wood fibers. These stackable plates are microwave and dishwasher safe, which makes them easy to clean. 


Amundsen Sports AS Womens 3 Incher Concord Shorts

The ultimate shorts for everyday outdoor activity. Comfortable, durable and functional shorts, perfect for the warmer Summer months.
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