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Tentipi 5 Pro Floor

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Tentipi 5 Pro Floor


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The Tentipi Pro Floor is much like the comfort floor, although it has added features to increase its versatility. The pro floor is made using the best materials available to achieve a floor that is both lightweight, waterproof and very durable. It also has a "U-Opening" that allows for a greater opening from the door and around the centre pole. This offers the ability to have an open fire and store wood inside (without getting the floor dirty). A great floor to fully enhance the living space within the Tipi. This model is designed to fit the size 5 Tentipi range

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The Tentipi Pro Floor is a lightweight floor designed for use within the Tentipi tents. It is made of the best possible material in order to achieve both low weight and good water protection. Simple to install - Is automatically in the correct position when the Tipi is put up because it need not be detached when packing the Tipi.

Flexible openings - The floor has four zips which allow flexible opening possibilities.'V-opening': open from the door, to avoid having dirty shoes on the tent floor. 'O-opening': open from the centre and outwards. This allows you to brush off bread crumbs on the ground rather than on the floor. Also enables use of a heater or open fire (caution is recommended). 'U-opening': a larger opening from the door and round the central pole. For wood storage, open fire or to have ground contact.

Zip cover - Protects the zip from dirt. Stretches out nicely - Stretching device which makes it easy to get the floor nice and flat. Also makes it easier to seal between the floor and canvas which keeps out mosquitoes more effectively.

The fabric - Made of light, strong, high tenacity polyamide fabric, which is much stronger than standard fabrics.