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Tentipi Safir 15 CP

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Tentipi Safir 15 CP


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The Tentipi Safir 15 CP tent is part of the most advanced range of Tentipi Nordic tipis. The Tentipi Safir 15 CP makes a fantastic shelter for larger families and group use.

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The Tentipi Safir 15 CP is part of the top range of Tentipi Nordic tipis, the highest specification of Tentipi. The Tentipi Safir 15 CP makes a fantastic shelter for larger families and group use.

The Tentipi® Safir cp is in the top 1 percent of best tents worldwide, and is the most outstanding Nordic tipi. Breathable fabric in Cotpolmex P (Light tan in colour, creating a pleasing warm atmosphere inside). Highly breathable and really strong cotton/polyester fabric - as Cotpolmex C, but with better shape stability and improved aesthetic appeal. To our knowledge, the finest cotton/polyester fly fabric available globally.

The Tentipi Safir 15 CP has 16 guy lines and panels to cope with the larger fabric surface area and give a highly stable structure.

Key Features:

  • 3 minutes to erect.
  • Standing room.
  • Class-leading storm resistance
  • Use with open fire or stove
  • Use on its own or with any model of floor or inner tent.
  • Door: Double-zip with integral mosquito protection.
  • Smoke cap: Double piece with six opening points, controllable from inside the tent.
  • Integral chimney opening.
  • Mosquito protection to top piece. Tighter fitting by use of fibreglass spacer rods.
  • Storm cords: pre-tied and fitted with holders
  • Hanging loop for drying
  • Storage: Bag with compression straps for tighter packing
  • Mosquito protection sewn in to top edge of tent
  • Improved storm resistance through additional canvas fixing points.
  • Enhanced floor fitting with toggle and ring arrangement
  • Reinforcement edge for better wear resistance around bottom edge of tent 3 rain-protected, mosquito-netted air intakes at bottom edge of tent for optimum ventilation and smoke control
  • Best quality fabrics