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Women's Base Layers

Discover the perfect base layers from our range women’s base layers, designed to keep you warm and comfortable on your adventures in town and in nature. Choose from our range of lightwool, warmwool, woolnet, woolshell and merino wool. Stocking leading brands such as Aclima.
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Aclima Womens DesignWool Marius Sweater

The Women's Marius sweater, part of Aclima's DesignWool range, offers the same warming, comfort and moisture wicking performance as other Aclima merino wool garments, but with an added splash of colour in the form of a classic Norwegian design across the chest.

The weight of wool used is only slightly heavier than the weight of wool used in Aclima's WarmWool range - with DesignWool using a cosy 230g and WarmWool using 200g.


Aclima Womens DesignWool Marius Mockneck

Aclima DesignWool Marius Mockneck Sweater (jumper) is made from 200g soft merino wool, The pattern is traditional Norwegian, with roots back to 1953. Being made from merino wool, this sweater insulates well and even keeps you warm when wet.

Aclima Womens DesignWool Marius Longs

The Womens Marius Design Wool longs are a comfortable and warm pair of base layer trousers in a traditional Scandinavian print.

Houdini Womens DeSoli Crewneck

The Houdini Desoli Crew is a 100% merino wool base layer that will keep you warm all year round, whether it be out in town or out in nature.

Regular Price: £89.95

Special Price £62.97

Houdini Womens DeSoli Tights

The Houdini women's Desoli tights are a 100% merino wool base layer that will keep you warm all year round, whether it be out in town or out in nature.

Regular Price: £84.95

Special Price £59.47

Aclima Womens WN Hiking Mock Neck

Woolnet Hiking Mock Neck from Aclima. Woolnet features a mesh design which promotes breathability. the Merino wool material helps regulate your body temperature and works perfectly as a base layer when you're on the move this winter.

Aclima Womens WN Hiking Longs

Aclimas womens wool net hiking longs for periods of high activity in a wide variety of weather conditions. These merino wool, mesh long baselayers should be your first choice for outdoor activities like hiking, camping or climbing due to their excellent breathability and warmth.

Aclima WarmWool Neck

240g Merino Wool neck protector from Aclima. Soft, warm and comfortable this protector will prevent chafing and keep you dry with its moisture wicking properties.

Aclima Womens FlexWool Tights

Brand new from Aclima, FlexWool. Flexwool tights are incredibly stretchy, allowing for amazing freedom of movement. FlexWool tights contain merino wool with stretch panels, giving you the same Aclima quality and comfort whilst being perfectly suited for heavy use in the outdoors where freedom of movement is key.

Aclima Womens WoolNet Shirt Crew Neck


The Womens Woolnet Shirt Crew Neck is a mesh underwear shirt in Merino wool. The woolnet construction makes this shirt extremely breathable while at the same time with the abaility to trap large pockets of air to insulate against cold, making it very versatile. It is also very light and comfortable to wear. The sides, shoulders, elbows and knees are all covered in rib knit for enhanced comfort. The Womens Woollnet Shirt Crew Neck is ideally suited for medium to high-level activities where extra insulation is needed, like hikes, cross-country skiing, hunting and summit hikes.


Aclima Womens WarmWool Boxer Shorts

Close fitting shorts for sports activity during cold conditions in soft 200g merino wool. Aclima WarmWool Women's Shorts should be worn as underwear when trekking, skiing, canoeing, playing golf or running.

Regular Price: £37.95

Special Price £26.57

Aclima Women's Woolshell Jacket with Hood

The Aclima WoolShell Women's Jacket With Hood is made using soft merino wool to offer increased comfort and warmth in cold environment, making a superb baselayer or workout wear.


Regular Price: £189.95

Special Price £125.97

Aclima WarmWool Balaclava 2-layer

The Aclima WarmWool Balaclava 2-layer consists of two layers of 100% soft merino wool. This Olive Night/Nature coloured balaclava is reversible so you can just twist and use the colour you prefer. The balaclava is made from Aclimas most popular material, WarmWool.

Aclima DoubleWool Neck Gaiter

The Aclima DoubleWool Neck Gaiter is a two-layered headover with WoolNet Original on the inside, and wool interlock on the outside. While it can be used as a hat, scarf, bandana etc., the innovative thing about the DoubleWool Neck Gaiter is the netting over the mouth and nose area, which helps prevent the build-up of ice on the inside that occurs when you breathe in cold climate.

Houdini Womens Airborn Hipsters

The Houdini Airborn Hipsters are a thin, soft underwear made with a combination of silk and merino wool.

Regular Price: £39.95

Special Price £19.98

Aclima Womens LightWool Shorts


Made from soft 140g merino wool, Aclima LightWool Women's Hipster Shorts are designed to keep you comfortable during demanding activity at any time of year.


Aclima Womens WarmWool Shirt Crew Neck

Aclima's Women's Crew Neck Shirt is a close fitting, cosy, moisture wicking, long-sleeved merino wool shirt. Well suited to outdoor activities in colder conditions.


Aclima Womens LightWool Shirt Crew Neck

A close fitting shirt and thermal layer in 140g soft merino wool. Aclima's LightWool Women's Crew Neck Shirt serves as an excellent base layer under warmer garments during the coldest conditions or on its own during the summer months. Ideal for high intensity activities such as running, trekking and skiing or as every day clothing.


Aclima 230g HotWool Long Pants

Thick, durable long woollen pants (leggings). Aclima HotWool Unisex Long Pants offer superior warmth and comfort on cold days, the perfect base layer for your legs. Perfect for those that spend a lot of time outdoors in colder weather. The perfect baselayer for working outdoors in colder temperatures.

Aclima Liner Socks

Made using light merino wool, Aclima Liner Socks will wick away moisture, keep your feet warm and resist odours. A perfect sock for sports and everday wear.

Aclima Unisex 230G HotWool Light Jacket

A superb baselayer, the Aclima HotWool 230g Unisex Light Jacket is perfect for when keeping warm is of the utmost importance. The Aclima HotWool 230g Unisex Jacket is made from a 230g wool/ ullfrotte blend, to ensure maximum comfort and warmth. 


Aclima Womens WarmWool Hooded Sweater With Zip

Aclima's Women's Hooded Sweater With Zip is a close fitting, cosy, merino wool hooded sweater. The zip allows for opening to increase ventilation. Well suited to outdoor activities in colder conditions.


Aclima Women's WarmWool Granddad Shirt

Choose colourway and size for sale prices -

Featuring a classic design and feminine cut, the Aclima WarmWool Women's Grandad Shirt makes as good a baselayer for outdoor activity in colder conditions as it does a smart light sweater for casual wear.


Aclima Womens WarmWool 3/4 Long Pants

Aclima WarmWool Women's 3/4 Pant are snug fitting leggings in a 3/4 length for sports activity in colder conditions in soft 200g merino wool.

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