“Though the brands we stock may change, the way we do things stays the same”. This has been something of a motto here at Nordic Outdoor since our early days and it remains today as true as ever. As our company grows and we open new stores throughout the UK we are constantly looking for the best brands for our customers which match with our three tenants of Style, Function and Sustainability. With this in mind we are delighted to introduce Tretorn to the Nordic Outdoor family for Spring Summer 20 and think our customers will be really excited by this heritage brands innovative approach to both the outdoors and sustainability.

Although Tretorn have been in business since 1891 the Swedish brand showcase one of the most innovative approaches to sustainability of any company in the outdoor market and blend this with great looking and incredibly functional products. While the company is a household name in Sweden thanks to their iconic rubber boots it is less well known in the UK and we are excited to showcase this great brand to a new audience of outdoor enthusiasts.

In this blog we are going to take a look at the incredible 128 year history of Tretorn before taking an in-depth look at how this company could argue their place as the most sustainable outdoors brand around. Finally we will take a look at some of the key pieces arriving for Spring Summer at Nordic Outdoor so you can upgrade your wardrobe without the guilt!


The History of Tretorn

While many of the brands we stock here at Nordic Outdoor grew from a tiny operation over time Tretorn began in a flourish and never truly let up! In 1891 the Dunker family opened their first rubber factory in the Southern Swedish city of Helsingbourg. The family had big ambitions and opened their 2,500m² factory to produce galoshes (rubber overshoes) for the farming market in Sweden. The Tretorn Galoshes were a massive innovation which helped protect famers feet for the first time from the wet and cold Scandinavian weather and within 5 years Tretorn had reached production of 1 million galoshes.

In what is quite an incredible growth Tretorn grew from 52 employees in 1891 to over 570 by 1900. This year also marks the first sign that Tretorn would grow to become much more than a Galosh producer as they introduced their first ever rubber soled sneaker – this fact makes Tretorn the second oldest sneaker manufacturer in the world! By 1903 the company began producing rubber boots which would become their staple product and make them a household name across Scandinavia throughout the next century.

From 1903 to today Tretorn grew to become a brand with interests in a range of different leisure pursuits. With the founder Henry Dunker being a keen tennis fan this has always been one of their main sectors with the brand having produced tennis balls since 1902 and their footwear being seen on some of the sports biggest stars including Bjorn Borg. As the company grew so did Sweden’s interest in outdoor pursuits as people enjoyed hiking, fishing and spending time at their summerhouses in larger numbers. To match this demand Tretorn have constantly innovated their products to match the consumer needs and their ‘Strong’ rubber boot which was introduced in 1978 continues to be a best seller to this day.

Since launching in 1891 Tretorn have solidly established their reputation in the sports, outdoors and more recently the fashion market. Recent years have seen collaborations with brands including Acne, Comme Des Garcon and Andre 3000. This diversion into the fashion market could possibly be traced back to the brands first collaboration in 1976 – the Tretorn x ABBA Clogs. While we love the Spring Summer collection the whole team at Nordic Outdoor saw this vintage offering and thought Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! 


The Tretorn Sustainability Model

“We Inspire People to Enjoy Everyday Life Outdoors and Being Part of Creating a Better World.”

Tretorn Mission Statement / Fredrik Ekström Creative Director Tretorn


One of the most fascinating things we found when researching the history of Tretorn was how far back you could see the companies interest in CSR and Sustainability. While these have become buzz words for modern companies and we are only now beginning to see Sustainability take the forefront in clothing production we can see Tretorn approach this mindfully throughout their entire history. Before looking at what makes the company so innovative today we’ve taken a closer look below at some of the key moments in the past 125 years that showcase Tretorn’s commitment to Sustainability and CSR.

1911 – Barnkrubban

With Tretorn’s rapid rise in production came a growing workforce which consistent mainly of Women. Recognising that these workers needed access to childcare to continue their production Tretorn’s founder Henry Dunker started one of the worlds first ever private day-care centres. Calling this innovation ‘Barnkrubban’ Tretorn would allow its workers to leave their children at the staffed day-care during their shift and this signified one of the first times a company tackled the employee and employer relationship. Many people say modern CSR can be traced back to Henry Dunkers decision all the way back in 1911.

1939 – Regenerated Rubber

With the Second World War hitting Europe Sweden stopped the import of all rubber in 1939. While this could be a huge stumbling block to a company who relied so heavily on rubber production such as Tretorn they instead saw an opportunity. In a move which is commonplace now but was extremely innovative in the 1930’s Tretorn encouraged the Swedish population to hand in their old rubber boots to allow for them to be recycled and given a new lease of life.

1953 – The Dunker Foundation

In 1953 Tretorn founders Henry and Gerda Dunker started the Dunker foundation to offer care for elderly residents of Helsingborg and donate money to cancer research. After the couple’s death the foundation turned the couples home into a community nursing home. The Dunker foundation was left 58 million SEK on Henry’s death in 1952 and the foundation still impacts the city today. In 2002 the foundation paid for the building of the Dunkers Kulturhus which provides a community cultural centre.

2016 – Eco Essentials

After 125 years in business Tretorn took the chance to look internally and review their basic philosophy and what they wanted to stand for over the next 125 years. With an outstanding record of CSR and responsible manufacturing the brand wanted to grow on this to take even more responsibility to try and help tackle the climate crisis. Tretorn introduced their Eco Essentials initiative. Projects involved in this initiative include the Left Over Project which uses leftover fabrics from other manufacturers to create new products, the Ghost Net project which creates clothing from recycled fishing nets and the Bio Plant jacket which is 100% degradable and eliminates fossil fuel usage during production.

2017 – World Ocean Conference

In recognition of their forward thinking approach to sustainability Tretorn was highlighted as a benchmark company working towards climate goals. The brands Ghost Net jacket which was made entirely from recycled fishing nets was presented to the UN conference in support of a UN resolution to ‘conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development’. 

Tretorn Eco Essentials

During celebrations of their 125th year in business Tretorn introduced their Eco Essentials range which looks forward to the next 125 years and looks to entirely reinvent the way the company tackles sustainability. Understanding that today everyone needs to change how we interact with nature and how we use resources the company aim to become an inspiration to other businesses and showcase how a brand can interact with nature and create a more circular process. The initial goal was to transform 50% of the Tretorn outerwear to Eco-Essentials products by 2020 but within 2 years of setting this goal the brand had created 80% of their outwear in line with the Eco-Essentials manifest! We are delighted to say that all of the Tretorn Outerwear stocked by Nordic outdoor for Spring Summer ’20 is part of the Eco-Essentials initiative.

Eco Essentials does not only look at innovating the manufacturing process but also the sustainability of the entire business system. In the spirit of Henry Dunker the brand are trying to create a business that provides for quality of life for employees while also respecting the environment and its resources. Tretorn sum this up best when they say “A sustainable company is one that resembles an organic system where all of resources (human, natural and economic) are renewed and in balance for perpetuity”.

Tretorn Spring Summer 20

Now that you’ve read more about the history of Tretorn and can see how the company approaches sustainability across the entire collection it’s time to see the goods. With new styles for men and women we are really excited to show you the new range!

Mens Sarek 72

The Tretorn Sarek collection is a tribute to untouched wilderness. Named after the Sarek National Park which is the largest area of untouched wilderness in Europe and a protected UNESCO world heritage site. For SS20 Tretorn have taken inspiration for the Sarek collection from the passion of finding a sustainable outdoor lifestyle, the love of the river and the surrounding mountains and their hope that it remains forever wild.

The Sarek 72 jacket is inspired by vintage trekking jackets and is constructed from a functional fabric with an eco story. Both windproof and waterproof the jacket is constructed from a recycled polyester. With an extra high collar for superior shelter and comfort the style is completed with the Tretorn Tower patch logo to the sleeve and a woven Sarek label to the front pocket. Perfect for taking on your next outdoors adventure the Sarek 72 Jacket is available in Sand and Field Green.

Mens Sarek 72 Rain

The Sarek 72 Rain blends the style of the Sarek 72 Jacket with a classic style of PU jacket to create a product which is perfect for those rainy days in both the city streets and in nature. Constructed from a waterproof Polyester with a PU coating the jacket has fully welded seams, an adjustable 3-piece hood and a 2-way vislon zip. Available in Dark Navy and Sand the jacket features classic detailing including the tower patch logo and the woven Sarek label.


Mens Sarek Sphere

The final product in the mens Sarek range is the Sphere which is a lightweight and highly waterproof jacket in a soft and smooth fabric. With a recycled polyester outer and recycled polyester lining the Sphere is a stripped down design with just the details required to create an iconic contemporary jacket. A hip length cut the jacket is extremely breathable and includes ventilation under the chest yokes, taped seams, a two way waterproof zipper and a zipped interior pocket with a clip for your headphone wire in the inside collar. The Mens Sarek Sphere jacket is available in Navy at Nordic Outdoor.


Mens Opacus

The Tretorn Opacus jacket is another option for those looking to find the perfect lightweight waterproof jacket. Constrcuted from 100% Recycled Polyester the Opacus is a functional style made to look good no matter the weather. The Opacus jacket features generous side and chest pockets with a comfortable adjustable hood including a high set collar to protect you from the rain. With elasticated cuffs and a waterproof zip the Opacus jacket is available in both Black and Field Green.


Womens Sarek 72

The Womens Sarek 72 jacket takes the best parts of the mens style and presents these with a more feminine cut. Subtle differences include replacing the straight hand pockets for slanted styles with two hidden side pockets. Again the Sarek 72 Womens is constructed from a recycled polyester which is waterproof to 10,000mm and includes sealed seams. With classic Tretorn branding completing the look the Womens Sarek 72 is available in Sand and Stone Blue.

Womens Attica

The Attica parka is a stunning upgrade to a classic design and is the perfect jacket both in the city and nature – no matter the weather. With a functional cut to allow a wider freedom of movement the Attica jacket features a fishtail parka and an adjustable 3-piece hood. With a  recycled polyester lining for added warmth the Attica jacket is the ideal longer style is you are looking for a jacket which is waterproof, windproof and breathable. The Attica jacket is new for Spring Summer 20 and is available in Sand and Stone Blue.


Unisex Packable Rain Set

Ideal for the British Summer the Tretorn Packable Rain Set ensures you won’t get caught out when the weather turns nasty. Constructed from a super lightweight 140g PU which is PFC and PVC free the style is waterproof to 5000mm. The sport cut jacket features a narrow fit with an adjustable hood and single hand pocket which transforms into a carry case for both the jacket and the trousers. The packable rain set also includes a pair of basic rain pants with elasticated waist and cuffs meaning you can quickly get them on when the clouds roll in. Priced at just £89.95 the Packable Rain Set should be in everyones walking pack this Summer. 


Where to buy Tretorn

We are happy to announce that Tretorn is now available in all Nordic Outdoor stores and Online. If you are looking for a particular style please call your local store to check availability. Tretorn is just one of our new brands for Spring Summer 20 so make sure to keep reading the blog and follow us across Social for updates on everything new to Nordic Outdoor!