Fjällräven Men's Trousers

Shop our range of Fjallraven men's trousers and shorts in Fjallraven's trekking, zip off and pro styles. Trousers such as the Abisko Lite Trekking Trousers have been specially designed for outdoor adventures and include an array of pockets for easy storage as well as ventilating fabric.

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      Fjällräven Men's Trousers FAQ

      Are Fjallraven Pants Waterproof?

      Swedish outdoor specialists Fjällräven are well known for creating some of the best outdoor trousers in the world which are designed for long days trekking in the outdoors. To increase the versatility of Fjallraven Walking Trousers these are not created to be 100% waterproof but are instead water-resistant thanks to their unique G-1000 construction. G-1000 trousers can be given more water resistance with the application of the brands 'Greenland Wax' which is ironed on to your trousers to create a natural barrier to rain and moisture. By avoiding the use of 100% waterproof materials in their construction, Fjallraven trousers are more breathable and versatile meaning they can be part of your wardrobe year round and for any adventure.

      Do Fjallraven Pants Stretch Out?

      Fjallraven Trousers are designed primarily for walking, trekking and bushcraft activities. In the brands trouser collection there are styles designed with different uses in mind so you can choose the model which suits your needs best. Styles such as the Keb Trousers feature stretch panels for high intensity trekking where stretch and comfort is essential whereas models such as Vidda Pro are designed to be more rugged and durable for activities such as camping and bushcraft. Like many cotton based materials the fabric will age and soften with wear - meaning each adventure with your Fjallraven trousers makes them more unique to you.

      How do I know my size in Fjallraven Trousers?

      One of the most common questions we get here at Nordic Outdoor is regarding sizing on mens Fjallraven Trousers. Rather than using the UK sizing of inches the brand offer a size range between 40-60 which does not correlate directly to inches or CM. To help you choose the perfect size for your next pair of Fjallraven trousers we've pulled together a handy size convertor which you can find here.

      How often should I wax my Fjallraven Trousers?

      Almost all of the Fjallraven G1000 trousers you'll find at Nordic Outdoor come pre-waxed, meaning you have rain and wind protection straight off the shelf. We would say that after every few washes or after regular continuous use then you could look at reapplying the brands Greenland Wax to your Fjallraven trousers. By applying the Greenland wax you are increasing your trousers resistance to wind and water which is ideal if you know the condition won't be warm and sunny for your next trip. If you're looking to remove some Greenland Wax from your trousers to provide additional lightness and breathability then you can simply run your Fjallraven trousers through the wash and this will help strip some of the wax from on-top of the G-1000 fabric.

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