Hilleberg Black Label

Hilleberg black label is the most durable of Hillebergs line made for the harshest of weather. It does all this while still remaining comfortable and even keep you cool in fairly warm weather. Black labels are easy to set up as all poles are equal length meaning if you are caught in a blizzard and need to set up a tent it is a breeze. They use y pegs which are the strongest of Hillebergs pegs so if the wind picks up you don’t have to worry about your tent flying away. The soulo black label has guideline placement and attachments in case the wind picks up with the name meaning island in Sami referring to the vertical space within the tent. The Staika is able to be pitched in the hardest of pitching conditions whilst remaining stable, the tent is simplistic in nature though by no means have any corners been cut. The Nammatj is the best all rounder of the black label with its lightweight balancing out with its stability and comfortability of space inside the tent.  

Hilleberg, founded in Sweden knows how harsh conditions can get. By having a flimsy tent you risk losing it to the weather which could possibly end up life threatening if you are in an isolated area. Hilleberg takes pride in offering some of the worlds most durable tents made to last a lifetime. For over 50 years Hilleberg has been pushing the envelope for what can be done in terms of durable tents which are still manageable to be carried through an expedition.