Hilleberg Yellow Label

The yellow label is the lightest of Hilleberg’s tents. These tents are meant to be easy to carry when traversing through hard terrain or on long term expeditions where weight reduction is important. Through this you may think that there was sacrifices made to the protection offered which is not true, these tents are still extremely durable and can give protection from most weathers. Some of the most popular yellow label tents are the Enan and the Helans 3. 

Hilleberg believes that there should be a tent for everyone. There different ranges offer different benefits but at the heart of all their tents is still the same benefits of moveability and protection. Being family ran from the beginning in Sweden, they still care greatly about staying true to the original idea and giving quality products to customers which they can use for a lifetime. Starting with a simple forest tent their range has now expanded to accommodation to desserts, mountains, beaches and snow.