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YETI was founded with one single product in mind back in 2006 – The Cool Box. Two brothers set about trying to create a Cooler that they would use every day, a cool box that would laugh in the face of bad weather, could take the abuse of backcountry adventures, and would keep goods colder for longer. It’s safe to say that this goal has been accomplished, and in 2023 YETI is widely considered the number-one brand for cool boxes and cool bags globally.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a cool bag for your daily lunch, a portable cooler for those off-grid camping retreats, or a wheeled coolbox for big backyard parties – YETI has you covered. The brand's iconic Tundra and Roadie Coolers offer bear-proof protection and unmatched strength while the brand's softshell Hopper series is ideal for portability and convenience.

Nordic Outdoor have one of the widest selections of YETI Coolers in the UK and you can shop our full range of YETI coolboxes and coolbags below. Don’t forget to pick up some YETI Icepacks with your purchase to help keep your food fresher for longer.

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      YETI Coolers FAQ

      How long do YETI Coolboxes stay cold?

      YETI Coolboxes are designed to stay colder for longer – however there is no way of saying exactly how long this may be. A number of environmental factors including the outside heat, which Ice you use inside your YETI and how often you open the coolbox can impact how long your coolbox will remain cold. To increase the length of time that your cooler stays cold we recommend the following; Use twice the amount of ice as your contents, try not to leave ‘air’ space within your cooler, avoid accessing your coolbox unnecessarily and keep your coolbox out of direct sunlight.

      Do Yeti coolers really keep ice longer?

      YETI are brand leaders in creating coolboxes which keep goods colder for longer than competitors on the market. There are a number of unique construction features which make YETI ice coolers the market leaders including the one-piece construction, two inches of insulation and a freezer-quality sealing gasket to name a few.

      What's so special about Yeti coolers?

      There are a number of features with YETI which make them a truly special product. Designed to answer a problem – every aspect of the YETI coolers has been engineered to make them ideal for every outdoor use. One of the main selling points of the YETI coolboxes however is that they are virtually indestructible. From bear attacks to fires you can be assured that your YETI cooler will handle whatever you throw at it. Along with the pure functionality which helps YETI Coolers stand out, they are also incredibly stylish and have become something of a fashion statement. Celebrities including Matt Damon, Chris Hemsworth and Kim Kardashian have all been spotted with a YETI cooler which has helped in creating a sought-after product.

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