Delicious and easy recipes for cooking outdoors

Eating outdoors is great fun for all the family but cooking outdoors when camping can often seem like a daunting task and it is easy to opt for simple, fuss free meals. This doesn’t have to be the case, there are plenty of tasty dishes you can make when camping that are simple and stress free.

Whether you are wild camping with a campfire or you are glamping with your Tentipi and Eldfell Pro Stove – yes that is right, the Eldfell Pro Stove isn’t just for creating a cosy warm Tentipi, you can cook on it too, these simple recipes are easy, delicious and will keep you going for the entire day. You will need a pot / pan and, if using a campfire, you will also need a Trivet.

Breakfast - Veggie Hash with Eggs

This is super easy and can be tailored to your own taste. Pick whatever vegetables you like and chop them up quite small. I’d probably go for a mixture of onion, courgette, potatoes and peppers. Season with cumin, coriander and chilli powder and then fry until soft (probably about 10/15 mins) in a pan over your campfire or Eldfell Stove. Then make a well in the pan and crack in a couple of eggs and fry until cooked. Serve and enjoy. If you want something a bit more wholesome to start your day, it is also really easy to cook porridge over a campfire or Eldfell Stove – just do it like you would at home in the kitchen.   

This recipe from Fresh Off The Grid is a nice Veggie Hash that uses Chickpeas instead of potatoes.

Lunch –  Navajo Fry Bread

I had this while staying in a traditional Navajo Hogan (mud hut) in Monument Valley and it was delicious and a pretty special experience. You don’t need to be in the middle of the desert to enjoy this though. All you need is flour, baking powder, salt, oil and warm water. You mix the dry ingredients first and then add enough water and oil to make a firm dough that doesn’t stick to your hands. Leave for 30 minutes. Divide your dough in to balls and then flatten to form discs. Poke a small hole in the middle and fry in oil on a hot pan for about 2/3 minutes each side. They should be nice and brown by then. These are great served with taco style ingredients or you could sprinkle some cinnamon sugar over them for a sweet treat. 

Dinner – Sweet Potatoes with Stew

This is a great recipe that doesn’t require much effort at all, so you can still enjoy socialising while it cooks. Wrap some sweet potatoes in tin foil and if using the Eldfell Stove simply pop them inside it (make sure you have something safe to take them out with after they are cooked). If you are using a campfire just pop them around the fire where it is still hot but no direct flames. These guys will take about 30-45 minutes to cook. While they cook, place a pot on top of the stove or on a Trivet over your campfire and add your stew ingredients and leave to simmer away. A recipe I like is chunks of beef, celery, carrots, butter beans, a can or two of chopped tomatoes, beef stock, red wine and some oregano. You could also make Chilli Con Carne to go with your sweet potatoes if you prefer.

Getoutwiththekids.co.uk have a nice recipe for a campfire stew

Treats – Roasted Bananas with Dark Chocolate

Deliciously sweet, mushy and messy – the best kind of camping dessert. Allow one banana per person at least! Open a couple of sides of banana peel and place some chunks of dark (or milk if you prefer) chocolate in. Close the bananas back up and wrap them in tinfoil. You could put these on top of the stove or even inside it (again make sure you have something safe to take them out with like some metal tongs), or on your campfire if that is what you are using. Leave to warm up and melt the chocolate. The sugar in the banana will caramelise a little bit too. Yum! You could also grab two biscuits of your choice and put this in between as a filler.  

A tasty recipe for Roasted Bananas with chocolate can be found on Food.com.

If you're looking to spend more time outdoors with the kids then getting them into outdoor cooking can be a great way to get started. If you're looking for a great resource for getting the kids outdoors safely a brilliant starting off point is campingcooks.com's 2019 guide which can be found here.