Didriksons AW 2020 Highlights


Here at Nordic Outdoor we make it a point to only stock brands that we ourselves consider top class. Over the years we’ve had many brands come and go but a few have become staples at Nordic Outdoor and Didriksons are one of the big ones.

We’ve stocked Didriksons jackets and trousers for years and our customers and staff alike have come to respect and love the brand and the apparel they offer. When it comes to mixing breathability with warmth and waterproofing you’d be truly hard pressed to find any better!

Whilst their waterproofing is probably what they are best known for, the style and warmth of Didriksons coats make them easily recognisable as well.

A new season at Nordic Outdoor is always a cause of great excitement for us but it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of new items hitting the shelves. At times like these it can be helpful to sit back and take a more detailed look at some of our new arrivals. Whilst we wouldn’t stock anything we didn’t think was great, these are some of our brand highlights from Didriksons for Autumn Winter 2020 at Nordic Outdoor



A Brief History of Didriksons

For the uninitiated it might be helpful to take a very quick detour into the history of Didriksons as a company. After all, the history of the company is intrinsic to the products they produce.

Didriksons was formed in 1913 by Julius and Hanna Didriksons with a simple ethos; Don’t challenge the elements, adapt to them.

Both Julius and Hanna Didriksons came from rural fishing communities in Sweden and both had experienced the loss of loved ones at sea. This highlighted to them a problem with the clothing provided to commercial fishermen in Sweden. To that end they started a company to provide high quality waterproof clothing for the fishing industry.

From this beginning it was only natural after time to move into producing high quality waterproof clothing for civilians. Didriksons ability to make waterproof, windproof and stylish clothing has developed and improved dramatically with their decades of experience and innovation.

It should come as no surprise that Didriksons is a hugely popular brand in its native Sweden and it has grown in popularity considerably among the UK outdoors community in recent years. What follows is four of our absolute favourites from the new Autumn, Winter 2020 season.



Didriksons Mens Reidar Parka


The Reidar Parka is a real classic at Nordic Outdoor. We absolutely love the design and it’s stood the test of time over the years. Why then are we including it in our “New In” Blog? Because this classic has received a bit of an update and some new colourways for the season so all is fair!

The Reidar is a classic and features an instantly recognisable parka design. The taped seams make this parka waterproof and windproof. Despite this and the sturdy, durable nature of the fabric used, the Reidar parka maintains excellent breathability.

A series of massive pockets for all your gadgets and equipment make this parka a fantastic choice for camping, hiking or even just the city!

These parkas are built to last and we think the new design and colourways available in the Autumn Winter 2020 collection are worth a look if you’re considering upgrading your cold weather wardrobe.


Didriksons Mens Lasse Parka


The mens Lasse parka is a modern take on the classic parka designs that made Didriksons a household name. Featuring modern technology and design and sleek cut that looks smart enough to wear to the office as well as on the mountainside, the Lasse is an excellent parka for the Winter months.

Like many coats in the Didriksons range, the Lasse Parka is fully taped at the seams. This means the jacket is waterproof and windproof, and thanks to its pvc- free construction it doesn’t use any nasty chemicals to achieve its protection.

This warm and padded parka is a great choice to keep you warm and dry in style as the months get colder.


Didriksons Kure Kids Parka


Getting your kids good quality protective clothing can be an expensive and difficult task! You buy your young adventurer a brand new high quality coat, then you blink and they’ve outgrown it!

The answer to this issue for a lot of households is to buy cheap, disposable coats that won’t hurt the wallet too much to replace. This however isn’t so good for the planet and definitely doesn’t offer anywhere near the same protection as a good quality coat.

Luckily Didriksons have a fantastic answer to this problem and it’s perfectly displayed by the new Kure Kids Parka. The design feature in question is the “Extend Size” Function. This function allows the owner to extend the sleeves by a full size giving the coat an extra bit of life! When it’s ready to be passed down to the next child in your family the name tag features space for several names, which perfectly suits the long lasting nature of this coat.

Aside from it’s clever design features and longevity, the coat itself offers excellent protection from the elements. Despite it’s padding and rugged construction it offers great breathability for periods of activity outdoors.



Didriksons Agnes Womens Coat


Not everything produced by Didriksons are large, bulky parkas. The Agnes coat is a stylish, functional coat perfect for chilly autumn and winter mornings. Whilst it is extremely breathable the Agnes is also fully waterproof and windproof.

The Agnes has a feminine fit and the outer layer is a cotton/polyamide blend. The lining has been dyed using a solution dyeing technique. This technique reduces water, energy and chemical consumption during production. PFC-free water-repellent finish.

Thanks to its slightly longer fit this jacket works perfectly for everything from dog walking to hiking in the autumn.

So there you have it. A quick run down of some of our AW 2020 favourites from Didriksons. We’d love for you to come try some of them out for yourselves and as always if you have any questions give us a call! We love to talk about stock and are happy to answer any and all questions.