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Since Julius and Hanna Didrikson first starter producing workwear for Fishermen in 1913 the Didriksons brand has grown to become one of the most recognisable Scandinavian clothing labels around. Built with a motto “rather than challenge the elements, we adapt to them” the Didriksons brand is now considered the Swedish Outerwear specialists thanks to their range of waterproof jackets which are ideal for adventures in the city or the wild.

Despite the Didriksons brand being over 100 years old they have stayed true to their original concept, to product functional garments that keep you dry whatever the weather. As a brand who love water and being in nature the innovations they are working on today are specifically focused on reducing their impact on the environment as much as possible. The Swedish brand says no to toxic substances, uses water reducing dyeing techniques and looks to use as little energy and transportation in their production activities.

The range of Didriksons Womens Jackets have become one of the most popular waterproof brands in the UK and looks set to cement their position as THE Swedish jacket brand thanks to being one of the first outdoor brands to design their garments specifically to a womens fit, saying goodbye to the outdated notion of “shrink it and pink it” which was so pervasive in the industry. Along with this the brand have a wide range of Mens Jackets which are ideal for the modern outdoor lover who needs a jacket which can stand up to the daily commute and a weekend in the hills.

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      Didriksons FAQ

      How old is Didriksons?

      While you may have only recently seen Didriksons coats on the streets of the UK it's a brand with a long and storied history. The iconic Swedish jacket brand was founded in 1913 to provide high quality windproof and waterproof jackets to the local fisherman in Grundsund on Sweden's West Coast. Every Didriksons coat produced features the expertise and knowledge of the past 110 years to ensure you stay warm and dry regardless of the weather conditions.

      Is Didriksons a good make?

      Didriksons are known as 'The Swedish Jacket Brand' and this single minded focus perfectly sums up what makes the brand so well loved to this day. Didriksons coats have developed such an impressive reputation by focusing on creating the best rainware possible and utilising the experience of 110 years of production. Not only will your Didriksons jacket stand the test of time but you can rest assured knowing it has been created with sustainbility at the forefront of the production process.

      Where is Didriksons manufactured?

      While Didriksons coats are produced at several sites throughout the world they are all designed and perfected from the brands head office in Boras Sweden. All of the production partners used by Didriksons have been carefully selected to ensure the match the brands expectations in quality, sustainability and working conditions.

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