YETI started life as a brand with one simple mission - to create the best coolers in the world. These coolers were designed to be functional, stylish and near indestructible and most importantly, they were designed to work.

Since those early days, the US-based brand has grown into an outdoor equipment powerhouse and now offers coolers, tumblers, mugs and other drinkware, all designed to be incredibly durable and incredibly good.

Now that YETI doesn’t only focus on coolers, the brand has some of the most interesting products around. Never made just for the fun of it, all of these products have been made to be ‘best in class’. From the best bucket in the world to the best Outdoor Blanket we’ve seen on the market – YETI aren’t here to make fluff.

You can shop our range of YETI Coolers and YETI Drinkwear online now at Nordic Outdoor.

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      Yeti FAQ

      Is Yeti available in UK?

      YETI is a brand whose foundations can be tracked back to Texas. The founders of YETI grew up with a passion for the outdoors and in 2006 began their mission to create the world’s toughest coolers. Since launching back in the early noughties the brand has grown to become an internationally renowned company.

      What products does Yeti make?

      YETI are best known for their range of hard-wearing coolers which are nigh on indestructible and will help keep your supplies cooler for longer. It was these coolers which were the foundation of the company however they have now grown to offer some of the best drinkware and outdoor lifestyle products around.

      What is YETI’s best selling product?

      The original and the best – YETI Coolers are still the brands most popular items and our customers have a special appreciation for the Roadie 24 which is the most portable of the brands hard cooler range. When it comes to drinkware there’s a clear winner for the customers at Nordic Outdoor and that is the Rambler 10oz Tumbler which is perfect for keeping you hydrated on the go.

      Why is Yeti so popular?

      YETI has developed something of a cult following throughout the globe with customers building up some incredible collection of Coolers and Drinkware from the American brand. The simple reason they have such a dedicated following is that the gear is designed to withstand anything and will outlast any other options in your outdoor collection. The brand regularly offers seasonal and limited edition colourways which YETI fans are quick to snap up to add to their ever growing collection.

      Is Yeti worth buying?

      If you have a love for the wild then YETI should be your first choice when looking for coolers or drinkware. As a brand whose only aim is to create near indestructible products you can rest easy assured that your kit won’t let you down during long days in the wild. Used by fishermen, campers, hunters and explorers worldwide there is a reason that YETI had developed a reputation as the worlds best in coolers and drinkware.

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