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The Nordic Outdoor Story

At Nordic Outdoor we see ourselves as an ambassador for Scandinavian culture. I take great pride in selling the products we do because if you have convinced a customer to buy one of them you know that they will be happy with it. For me as a Scandinavian it is also a good feeling knowing that you have changed someone’s attitude towards something made where you are from.
With this comes a sense of responsibility as well. We want these products to be sold the right way, so that you as customer walk away not only with the ideal product for you, but also with an understanding of why it is the ideal product for you. As you leave our shops - or website - we hope that you take a bit of the Scandinavian attitude with you.
These Scandinavian values have always been at the heart of Nordic Outdoor. They were there when I started out doing game fairs and shows by myself, they were there when I found Tentipi and introduced them to the UK market, and in the early days with Fjällräven in this country. But, most importantly, they are still here today and will be as we aim to grow even further. The brands that we carry might change, but the values that Nordic Outdoor represent will always stay the same and will be reflected by the selection of brands that we offer.
It has not been an easy journey. There are a lot of deeply rooted conceptions – misconceptions even – in this country and our attempts to promote a different way of looking at things has not been without its challenges. It does rain a lot in this country, that is true, but not more than many other places. Like Skåne in Sweden where I am from, for example. Still, there’s a fear of getting wet so deeply rooted here that people are willing to be uncomfortable every time they go out in an attempt to avoid it the one time when they could have felt great nine times out ten in a natural fabric. The truth is – and this is important – there is no single article of clothing that is perfect for every condition. It is all about finding the right solution for most situations and the right combination for the rest.
There have been a lot of chances to opt for the easy way of doing things – to sell out – along the way but I am proud that we have stuck to our foundational values. Today Scandinavian culture is more popular than ever. The finish line is in sight, and as we move forward we hope that you decide to come to us because you trust us and the values we stand for, rather than just for the individual brands we carry. That is the trust that we continue to work every day to earn, that is the end game!


Caspar Odqvist
Founder & Managing Director - Nordic Outdoor