About Nordic Outdoor


About Nordic Outdoor

Since Nordic Outdoor was founded in 2005 much has changed however, we still pride ourselves on providing the best in Scandinavian Outdoor Clothing & Equipment to customers throughout the world. Long before we had physical stores or a website our founder and managing director, Caspar Odqvist, toured Game & Country Fairs throughout the UK showcasing some of the best brands that Scandinavia had to offer.

Since these early days of the company being a one man band we have grown to a team of around 20 dedicated staff with a passion for the outdoors and an understanding of how the Scandinavian mindset of what ‘outdoor’ is, differs from that held in the UK. In recent years we have grown to have five stores split between Edinburgh, London and Keswick. Nordic Outdoor also operate a website which ships internationally and hosts one of the largest selections of Gransfors Bruk Axes, Tentipi Nordic Tipi’s and Hilleberg Tents available online.

While the company has grown our values have remained the same. When we are picking new products and brands for the stores, they must fit into our three core tenants of Style, Function and Sustainability. We want to help take the stress of picking the perfect product away from our customer so that you know when you enter a Nordic Outdoor store or shop online that anything you pick will be functional, sustainably produced and will look good on the hills or in the city streets. Take a closer look at what our three guiding principles entail below.

Style at Nordic Outdoor


While we are a company grounded in the outdoors we don’t think this means you need to look like you have just wandered off Everest every time you go for a stroll. We understand that in the modern world customers are looking for clothing that can be multifunctional and you can have one jacket which will look just as good up a Munro as it will on your daily commute. In recent years Scandinavian style and design has received attention worldwide and we are proud that the clothes we stock are not constricted to seasonal collections but can become wardrobe mainstays for years to come.

Our appreciation of style does not only extend to the clothing that we offer. While Gransfors Bruk are lauded worldwide for their blade and cutting ability they are also a thing of beauty from a craftsmanship standpoint. A Tentipi finds its value not only in the hardwearing material it is constructed from but also the way it’s design can transport you from a soggy field in Cumbria to a Nordic getaway. Brands such as Hilleberg and Western Mountaineering don’t earn their price tag by flashing hundreds of zips and compartments but rather by creating an extraordinary product which still looks simple and functional.

Here at Nordic Outdoor we love good design. The only thing better than being well designed is being both well designed and functional.

Function at Nordic Outdoor


There’s no point of something looking good if it doesn’t perform – for us, great design only exists when it is also functional. We take a different standpoint that many outdoor retailers in the UK in that we understand that outdoor clothing is not a ‘one size fits all’ industry.

A waterproof membrane can be great if it is chucking it down on a winters afternoon but on a Spring morning you’ll find the lack of breathability offered by most membranes means you end up sweating out the inside of your £400+ membrane jacket – not functional. Instead of offering clothing which has a ten-page list of features and hydrostatic head ratings we want to sell products we know work. A merino wool base layer can offer much more warmth and breathability than any synthetic alternative and waxed cotton can be a much more sensible choice than membrane for an outdoor jacket.

Function extends far beyond the fabric a product is made for an is integrated in every part of the design. This ‘hidden’ functionality may include your Aclima base layer being designed with a longer back to retain warmth, your Fjällräven trousers featuring reinforced knees to increase longevity or your Amundsen Knickerbockers having an integration system for gaiters.

Sustainability at Nordic Outdoor


Sustainability has been something of a buzzword in the outdoor industry over the past few years, but this has been a focus for Nordic Outdoor since first opening our doors. With every product stocked in our stores we have looked at the production methods, the fabric, the working practises and even the shipping method to ensure we can offer our customers the best products for both themselves and the wider environment.

While it goes against the basic instinct of any retailer, we want our customers to buy less and buy better. For this reason, we are hesitant to offer blanket discounts or flash sales as we believe the products we sell are worth the prices we charge. By investing in the right piece of equipment or item of clothing you can sleep sound in the knowledge that it will perform for years to come without needing replacement.

As a company we also focus all our efforts on being the most sustainable retailer we can be. From sending out our online axe orders in recycled packaging to encouraging instore e-receipts we are constantly looking for new ways to conduct business in a sustainable manner.

Read the full Nordic Outdoor Sustainability Statement here


The story is just beginning for Nordic Outdoor and we are hoping to open more stores in the coming years and expand our online presence. While we continue to grow as a company, we will always stick to the values that have seen us through the first 15 years of business. We will ensure we can provide all our customers with the best advice and customer service and hope that when you shop with Nordic Outdoor you take a little bit of the Scandinavian mindset with you.



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