Shepherd of Sweden

Shepherd of Sweden

Our range of Shepherd of Sweden Slippers

Shepherd of Sweden are a footwear and accessory brand who combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design to create products which truly showcase the feel of modern Scandinavia.

With a range of slippers, boots, shoes and accessories the brand emphasises care in every little detail of the design and work with materials which are natural, timeless and authentic.

Founded in 1982 in Svenljunga, Sweden the brand has always had a passion for combining pure Swedish design with the handcrafted experience to create timeless products. By working with the best wool which has been treated over several stages and then assembled by skilled craftsmen Shepherd can create products which not only look and feel incredible but are also designed to last.

In the winter months the Shepherd of Sweden slippers are some of our most popular products thanks to their soft touch feel and beautiful construction. Along with these the brands range of boots are perfect for any adventure in the country and the city.

As a Scandinavian brand sustainability has always been a major focus for the team at Shepherd and is evident in every stage of their production process. From selecting the best skins to preparing these in the most sustainable manner before sewing them in their own workshop you can be assured that Shepherd products are designed with quality, animal welfare and high standards in mind.

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      Shepherd of Sweden

      Where are Shepherd slippers made?

      Shepherd slippers are assembled by their own skilled craftsmen and to this day are still mainly produced by hand. Most of Shepherd of Sweden’s products are constructed in Estonia and there is also some production in Macedonia. When it comes to the materials used Shepherd ensure all suppliers follow their code of animal treatment and code of conduct to ensure a sustainable production process.

      How to clean sheepskin slippers?

      If you take proper care of your sheepskin products then they should last you for years to come. As Sheepskin is dirt repellent often it will only take a shake and an air in a humid atmosphere to freshen up your Shepherd slippers. If you are looking to clean your sheepskin slippers we suggest using lukewarm watter an a mild detergent. Once you are completed cleaning you should stretch and rub the skin when damp before letting the slippers dry in a warm room. You should never dry your sheepskin slippers on a radiator and once the slippers are dry your should brush them with a soft brush to restore their original shine.

      Are sheepskin slippers good for your feet?

      Sheepskin is an incredible natural material thanks to its self cleaning properties. Sheepskin is self regulating in terms of temperature meaning it’s perfect for year round use and it also absorbs sweat and releases it into the air much faster than synthetic materials.

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