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Since 1975 Klattermusen has been at the forefront of innovative Scandinavian Mountaineering Equipment. Known not only for their utility and durability but also for producing the best fitting garments around we are delighted to have the brand back in Nordic Outdoor. With kit that has been rigorously tested in real-world conditions, you can be assured that this gear will see you through whatever you throw at it in some style. 

The team at Klättermusen grades their products using a Mass Flow Resistance System (how easily does air pass into the garment) to help you select the right item for your needs. MFR1 garments are the least wind-resistant, with MFR8 garments boasting excellent wind resistance and MFR10 Windproof and Waterproof.

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      Klattermusen FAQ

      Where is Klattermusen From?

      Like many of the best outdoor brands, Klattermusen is a Swedish based company who have in business since 1975. Established as a climbing and mountaineering brand, Klattermusen has grown to become a manufacturer of some of the best and most sustainable climbing clothing in the world.

      What Does Klattermusen mean?

      The word Klattermusen comes from the Swedish for 'Climbing Mouse' and is named after a Swedish children's book character. The reasoning from Klattermusen's founder was that people shouldn't buy their products thanks to a 'cool' name but rather should buy them due to the quality of the product.

      Why are Klattermusen product expensive?

      Klattermusen is a premium outdoor brand and the reason the brands prices may be higher than some of their competitors is simply down to the fabrics used. Klattermusen are specialists in creating their own unique fabrics including their 'Katla Cotton', 'Cutan' and regenerated wood fabric 'Lignum'. By using fabrics and technologies which have been developed in-house, Klattermusen are able to create products which will excel in their entended environment.

      Do Klattermusen Jackets have a warranty?

      Klattermusen pride themselves on the materials and manufacturing which should ensure their jackets lastt through many years of use. In the case of any problem with your Klattermusen Jacket or Klattermusen bag however the brand offer a 3 year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers defects and material faults but does not cover damage through wear and tear, misuse or neglect.

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