Tentipi Safir Tents

Tentipi Safir

Whether you are looking for a tent for extreme expeditions, challenging trekking, or you just want outstanding comfort for a range of outdoor activities the Safir fits the bill. It wouldn’t be unfair to call the Safir range the world’s most versatile tent for those seeking ultimate performance and flexibility.

The Safir range is available both in the breathable cotton/polyester material Cotpolmex P and the non-breathable, silicone coated Traillix P material.

While appreciated for its ease of use, it only takes three minutes to erect, the fact that you can use a fire or stove in it, and the class leading storm resistance, it is really the material that sets the Safir apart from Tentipis other Adventure Tipis. This fabric makes the Safir ideal in rugged conditions, when left up for longer periods of time, and as a family heirloom passed from generation to generation.

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