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Fjallraven have been committed to supplying quality outdoors wear to the public since 1960. From their iconic kanken backpack to their jackets and trousers everything they make is of the highest quality and made to last. Started by Åke Nordin on the Sweden high coast 10 years prior to creating Fjallraven he created a wooden-framed backpack which began his interest in creating clothing and gear. Åke believed that for everything there must be a practical way. This view the company still holds today in their products. Fjallraven is at the forefront of innovation within the field creating technologies such as G-1000, their hardwearing breathable material which is highly thought of by the novice outdoorsmen to experts alike. Fjallraven put a strong emphasis on sustainability like most brands at Nordic Outdoor. Their Arctic Fox initiative awards multiple non-profit environmental charities with grants each year. They take great responsibility in ensuring animal rights an example being the arctic fox, which the company’s name translates to in English which they help through their ‘Save the arctic Fox Project’ which they collaborate on with Stockholm university. We have a fantastic selection of Mens and Womens ranges to choose from. 

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      Fjällräven FAQ

      What makes Fjallraven so special?

      When it comes to Scandinavian outdoor brands there is no brand out there with a bigger reputation than Fjällräven. With a history stretching back to 1960 the brand has become one of the most respected and recognisable outdoor brands in the world thanks to its quality, durability and sustainability. The cornerstone of Fjällräven is their unique G-1000 fabric which is a water resistant, waxed cotton canvas which has been designed specifically for use in the outdoors. By constructing Fjällräven clothing in such a durable and adaptable material you can be assured that any purchase will last you for years of adventure to come.

      Where is Fjällräven from?

      Like many of the brands at Nordic Outdoor, Fjällräven's roots can be found in Sweden which is where the brand is still based to this day. Founded in 1960 by Ake Nordin the brand have been making outdoor jackets and bags for over 50 years and the brand can now been found in the UK along with 40 other countries worldwide. As a proudly Swedish brand, Fjallraven still operate a number of events each year in Sweden including the Fjallraven Polar and Fjallraven Classic which are trekking and sledding social events designed to bring outdoor lovers from across the globe together.

      How do you pronounce Fjallraven?

      Having sold Fjällräven in Nordic Outdoor since our earliest days we've heard every pronunciation imaginable so don't worry if the umlauts throw you off a little bit! Fjällräven means 'Arctic Fox' in Swedish and is pronounced 'F-Y-ahll-R-ah-ven'. If you're still a little shy about your Swedish pronunciation then don't worry - ask about the 'brand with the red fox' and we'll know exactly what you mean!

      What makes Fjällräven jackets so special?

      While the Fjallraven Clothing range now includes a number of waterproof styles and traditional cotton T-Shirts and sweaters it is their jackets and trousers which really stand out. The use of G-1000 is so versatile that it can withstand wind, rain, sun and snow and be adapted for each environment. With production quality being a major focus for the brand they encourage less consumption and Fjallraven Jacket's should last even the most challenging of outdoor adventures.

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